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  • Yoga and Yorkies - Still ScaredThe author came up with a very clever way to tell this story. You know from the beginning that she was kidnapped, and you know that somehow she was saved as each chapter is a session with her "shrink." And yet there is tension and suspense until the very end of the book. I was totally surprised by the ending, and yet I realized the foreshadowing was there. I was completely afraid for the heroine until the very end. Great summer read if you don't mind having your hands shake at the beach.
  • Brian E. Scherrer - Required reading......for those who regard liberty as anything more than a campaign-trail abstraction. Those of us over a certain age grew up fearing the threat of communism. As it turned out, it wasn't much of a threat. The real threat, the one we all missed, was the one right under our noses, as our public servants on all levels--from those sworn to protect and defend to those we elected to govern, morphed into our corporatist/fascist masters. As never-ending "wars" like the war on drugs became an ongoing excuse to eviscerate the Constitution and Bill of Rights turn "Peace Officers" into a standing army of occupation.

    Balko meticulously documents this evolution from an historical perspective, bringing together his years of tracking police excesses and increasing militarization, with history lessons in how the modern police force as we know it came to be.

    The true spirit of liberty, the true spirit of these United States, may not yet be lost to us and to history, but it's clearly on life support, and the Priest waits in the hallway... Our first, best hope to turn back the tide will always be education, and "Rise of the Warrior Cop" is an excellent place to start.

    But then, if you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about, right? And oh yes, Think of the Children!
  • Grigory's Girl "GR" - A testament to Waters's and Floyd's genius....This is arguably Floyd's greatest work, and is truly a legendary album. Rumour has it that Roger Waters showed this work and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking to the boys in Floyd at the same time, and the Floyd members decided to do this one (smart move). It's an immensely complex work, which was probably lost on many who just loved the lyrics of Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2. It's one of rock's most ambitious albums, and Waters and the band should be congratulated for that. This is pretty much Waters's creation, with a few credits given to Gilmour, and one to the producer, Bob Ezrin. Many people have trashed Waters as an egomaniac, but he is a great lyricist/songwriter. His lyrics and songs are vastly superior to Gilmour's, and he came up with the great concepts for all of Floyd's classic albums. However, Gilmour, Mason, and Wright did contribute greatly to the Floyd sound. They may not have gotten credit all the time, but Pink Floyd really interpreted Waters's work very well. Waters's solo albums aren't as good as his Floyd work, and this may have something to do with it. The tour for this album was one of the most elaborate in rock history. Gilmour, Mason, and Waters didn't get paid for their work here because they felt it was more important to put the show on in their original concept. Ironically, Richard Wright, who was fired (or left) the group during the sessions for The Wall, was hired as a contract musician for the tour, and ended up being the only one of the group who made any money off the tour. This was probably Floyd's last great album, even though The Final Cut is brilliant in its own right and Momentary has its moments (I don't have The Division Bell). There are many great songs here, much of them better than Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Mother, In the Flesh I and II, Waiting for the Worms, Goodbye Blue Sky, One of My Turns). It isn't a happy album (despite success, Waters's songs got even darker as the years went on), but it's absolutely essential.
  • Charlotte Oliver Clearwater FL "Charlotte Oli... - Bought two for our daughters laptopsOur daughters MacBook Pros were running a little slow. We put these in and it was a total refresh of performance and speed. This upgrade should get them both through high school. I highly recommend the M500 for an inexpensive update to and aging laptop or desktop. The installation was easy and both of my daughters feel like that have a brand new laptop.

    - Charlotte Oliver Clearwater FL
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  • Adolfo Foronda "aforonda" - A winner on VacationMy five year old saw the other kids at the airport with roller luggage and wanted to retire the backpack for one. So she picked this one out and we just took it on a 14 day trip and it held up great. She was able to pack it full of her favorite toys, the side netted pocket was perfect for a bottle of water and easily stow it under the seat as carry on for easy access to fun. The handle comes out easily, rolls good and most importantly is easy to open for her. One thing to note the pull up handle does not extend up to "average" adult height so expect to carry it if your kid is not feeling like dealing with it but thats where the top handle and shoulder strap really help.