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  • Kisismiki "Flyng Carpet" - Best for value!I buy the latest version HD, after reading a lot of comparative review in internet and magazines. We receive it as it was available very well packaged and quick to Spain. The package include all the accessories, so you don t need buy other like other brands.The follow up customer department is excellent. I put it in our 4x4 expedition and just come back from a 5500 Km off road trip from Morocco with sand, wind, sans wind,many tracks with rock and snowing in a little road at 2500m of altitude. It was an real time test condition. The result is excellent, quality of image, and the wide angle didn t deform like other brands.
    The remote control is an excellent accessories (no all other brand have...) you can choose when driving when shoot or fuilming. For the price and building quality you must buy it. We have in project to buy an other for inside view, and an other in the future when they include GPS Data information. A best product!!!!
  • Pen Name - Works!U take the pill in the evening and the next day u have a good bowl movement. It's not like you are stuck on the toilet all day like other cleansers I have taken
  • Eric Marion - Sometimes one has to place the order and be your own judgeThis product works very, very well. I love it. It's hotter in Texas than one could really believe. I like the option of being able to still ride my bike and get my cardio in, while watching tv, or listening to loud music, oh, don't forget the huge garage fan that moves from side to side. This Trainer product allows me to do that without haste. It is extremely durable and my setup process took all of 5 minutes. Yes it makes some noise, as the tension wheel is on the rear tire of your bicycle. All I can tell you is to Pump up the Volume. I am so glad to have this edition added to my home gym, Thank you Amazon for having just what I needed to complete my workout...
  • kourosh keikhanzadeh "blib" - If it weren't for rogaine, I'd be bald 10yrs agoI love Rogaine. I have been using it since I was in late college (I am 35 now). I totally expected to be bald by now.

    When I stop using rogaine I notice that in the shower i see hair on my hands. With rogaine that rarely happens.

    If your maternal side has hair issues, you should use rogain and early on.

    Note: I am not a physician. Check with your physician first about medical issues etc. Rogaine was used as a high blood pressure medication so make sure it is okay for you
  • Gregory M. Rowley - Probably the best portable speaker made for mobile devices.This unit is smaller than it appears in the pictures. But it makes a big sound! This speaker has a very impressive range from such a small package. I have a better sounding sound system for vinyl playback but I can't lug that around. I highly recommend the A33 if you want good (as good as any other portable I've heard and better than most) playback in a small, portable package. The rubberizing for weather protection, easy connectivity, rechargeable battery, portability, and great sound make this an easy win.