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  • bernesta williams - Soda stream.

    Amazing. Takes normal water, adds carbon dioxide for fuzz and soda! Like ginger ale,but don't care too much for artificial,sweeteners specially in their cola premade products. I like it because I can make my own flavor and have great drink. I wish we can have premade flavored without artificial sweeteners or no sweetens if necessary

  • Sal Nudo - Look out -- Roger Waters is on a tear!

    Roger Waters and David Gilmour composed "Animals" at a time in England when the face of rock music was drastically changing, 1977. Punk bands were forming everywhere, and they all hated Pink Floyd's brand of drawn-out, ethereal music -- stuff they felt was pompous. Thus, given the times, "Animals" turns out to be an impressively guitar-driven album, musical compositions that, despite it all, are also drawn-out and ethereal as only Pink Floyd can be. The middle of this great album courageously contains three lengthy songs, much too long- winded for radio, thus spoiling the album's commercial viability. Also, "Animals" strangely opens and closes with two short and melodically pleasing acoustic songs about love gone bad; "Pigs on the Wing," parts 1 and 2, somehow work well with the overall vibe of the album. Call it a settling of the nerves.

    In many instances, "Animals" is fairly stripped-down, with Gilmour's soothing voice completely missing, and Richard Wright contributing absolutely nothing, thus nixing past creative keyboard elements. The possessive Waters writes all lyrics, and the concept of "Animals" is entirely his. In his harshest manner, Waters rips apart late-1970s society through the use of three types of animals: dogs, the materialistic and glib "yuppies" of a decade later, concerned only with wealth, good times, power and their own well-being; "Pigs" are no less flattering, high-positioned and self-righteous, they preach and dispense their high-minded, moralist views from atop the world's ranks; "Sheep" are the aimless and docile masses who get used and abused by the more powerful Dogs and Pigs in society. It's pretty acrimonious stuff, and downbeat lyrics like "all alone and dying of cancer" don't do much to lighten the mood. Weary of the corrupt and crumbling society surrounding him, Waters went on a musical rampage. Political foes, economic hardships and sleazy low-lifes all get their medicine from the non-apologetic Waters, within the confines of these thematically devised tunes.

    Though he writes good, astute, observational lyrics, Waters is a bit of a "dog" himself, and he often comes across as self-imposing and self-righteous as the album moves on. Ultimately, "Animals" is great because of the actual MUSIC. Enter Gilmour, thankfully rescuing this one-man monopoly on creativity. Gilmour remains his usual melodic self, pushing forth the fairly paltry compositions with his brand of tunefulness and soaring guitars.

    On "Dogs," an interesting moment occurs after Waters cheerily wails, "Have a good drown/Dragged down by the stone." The word "stone" is then repeated countless times through a haze of electronic muffling as dogs bark chillingly in the background and a synth sizzles quietly. Music like this is not heard everyday, and Pink Floyd should be commended for seriously reviving their music and changing with the times a bit back in 1977. The band's more quaint and drug-induced days of singing about lazy nature scenes or fairy-tale scenarios where one merely observes (see The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) were long over by "Animals." It became socio-political music with a harder edge, all run by Waters and Gilmour. There's a sense of purpose and direction from Waters on "Animals" that is eerily one-dimensional, but it's a prelude to an even better concept album to come. Though it's not Waters' creative apex (that would be The Wall (Deluxe Packaging Digitally Remastered), "Animals" is astoundingly excellent, profound music, and the continuation of the civil war within this band.

  • Chips & Chips - Olympus VR-320

    This is my second digital camera and it is an excellent product. I began taking pictures within an hour or two of receiving it, even before the battery was completely charged. I wanted a camera that could take extreme close-ups and it does fit the bill. It has two macro ranges, one standard and one fixed focus one that will allow me to take very detailed photos of small parts. The specs could have been a bit more detailed about this feature. The 12.5:1 zoom range is great for going from wide angle to a really good telephoto view. It did not come with any memory card and one is really needed as the built in memory is only good for about 7 (from the specs) to 10 (my observation) full resolution photos at a time. Again, the specs could have been more specific. But I knew I needed a card anyway so I was not disappointed. The viewfinder is a full 3" diagonal and is readily visible outside. This is a really great buy for the money.

  • Karen Black "Karen Black" - I love this vacuum so much. It makes me happy to clean.

    What I love about this vacuum (aka "Thor2"):

    The price is nice
    Suction is great
    I'm not used to having the ability for the brush to turn off. My old vacuum couldn't do this. I can vacuum my floors. Goodbye kitty litter.
    Seeing what it's sucked up is cool. Emptying the dust cup is easy. My first try with the vacuum, I emptied it 4 times! (for a 1bd apt!) That's how bad my carpets had gotten as my old vacuum started to die. Gross!
    Apholstery fur cleaning attachment is great! Much faster than just using the brush attachment.
    Tools are easy to use.
    It's so quiet. The kitties aren't nearly as terrified of it.
    Cute purpley color.

    I love how clean my floors are now. The carpet looks great and I can use it for the bathroom vinyl flooring (no more daily sweeping of the tracked cat litter.)

    What could be improved

    I wish all the accessories could ride on the vacuum. Minor.

    (Hope it is durable enough to retain that status.)