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  • Sandra L. Aumiller "Always Looking For the Best" - Another Susan Branch Gem!I got this book for my birthday as I was anticipating its release on Julia Child's birthday (which is today!!!). Of course I tore open the packaging to get to the prize. I have not read the entire book yet but so far it is a lovely read and I especially appreciate the personal touch of Susan's drawings and calligraphy that makes her words so special and makes you feel like you are a friend getting a series of letters.
    I have been to England and truly enjoyed the pastoral and urban aspects of this tiny land but historical super power! If you don't have the time or finances to travel to England then get this book and you will be transported from your easy chair by a charming guide.
  • Francis2901 - Great Tableti purchased this tablet when it first came out. I knew about the GPS issue, and still didn't care. Asus always puts out great products and takes care of the consumers. They did send out a GPS dongle to help with reception and it works as indended and only added minamal inches to it. The tablet is very fast and works great with playing games. ICS came with it as the standard OS with many other extra's.
  • T. Crabb - Put me in the five star columnI make a lot of on line purchases, but rarely create reviews. I am compelled to this time because I studied the reviews on this product and was astounded by the polarized content. Most people either love the bike or hate it. So far I love it. The order was placed on Friday and I received it the following Tuesday. It took me a couple of hours to put it together, adjust, and connect to my home network. It took another few hours to set up the ifit account, build my first Google maps ride, and master the controls. My first ride was one I do all the time so I knew what it should feel like. I viewed the live workout from the ifit website on my kindle. The way the bike follows the road and adjusts for all the changes in terrain is so cool. It is very realistic and adds a whole new dimension to an indoor workout. The other thing I wanted to comment on is the sturdy construction. I can stand up on the pedals and everything is solid. I put a lot of hours on my old stationary bike. I had been adjusting the tension with a spanner and it was making a lot of noise. The Le Tour is quite an upgrade. The information display has so much great information especially when used in conjunction with the Google Maps views. I just need to place an order for a heart rate chest strap and a floor mat to catch the profuse perspiration.
  • R. Oden - Great upgrade in our Office EnvironmentWe've been using Office 2013 for a few weeks now as we have Software Assurance through Microsoft. There has been a much smaller learning curve to upgrading to 2013 than what we had when we went from Office 2007 to 2010. Our users like the new interface and even though we don't have any tablet "touchscreen" machines in our environment you can tell that Microsoft has made their Office suite touch-friendly. We don't allow are users to sync to the "cloud" but I've been experimenting with this feature since day 1 and am glad I did. I am extremely mobile and save everything in OneNote. Since its on the cloud, I can be on any computer with internet in the world and get instant access to my documents, even on my Android cell phone! This also gives me piece of mind in case my laptop ever gets stolen. I Sync all my PC's weekly to my NAS but syncing to the cloud gives me the re-assurance that my documents are always available when I need them no matter what happens. I do admit that for the retail price of this product I am definably thinking twice about purchasing for my home PC's. I'll most likely go Google Doc's for them.

    If you are determining if you should pay the couple extra bucks between Office 2010 and Office 2013 go with 2013! Its absolutely worth it!
  • W. Stinson "alpine trekker" - Smooth Upgrade - just follow the two tipsI have been using Quicken for many years. It is an amazing program and quite a bargain considering it's power and sophistication. I currently have 10 years of data in it, including multiple mortgages, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. In other words, I work the package pretty hard and have a very large database. I recently upgraded from 2012 to 2013 Premier. In contrast to other reviews, the upgrade went smoothly. In fact, it took about 5 minutes. After I upgraded, I went through my normal weekly routine and everything worked perfectly. I haven't noticed huge changes, but I much prefer the way that mortgages are handled and there seem to be some other nice tweaks. As I read through some of the angry reviews about this package, the contrast with my experience was striking and I asked myself why this package doesn't seem to get the respect I think it deserves? Looking back, I realized that I, too, have had some very nasty upgrade experiences. Why not this time? I think the answer is two fold. First,I upgrade in late February or early March - long enough for Intuit to find and fix any major bugs in the software. While it would be nice to get the new version the day it comes out, I really don't feel the sense of urgency, since the prior version is still working just fine. Things have gone much more smoothly since I adopted this policy. Second, I now upgrade every year. Upgrades are tricky due to the complexities of the data tables and the danger seems to grow exponentially the older the version you are trying to import. Like some of the reviewers I read, I used to try to save money by keeping a version for several years, or until a new feature came out that I couldn't live without. However, these generation skipping upgrades never went perfectly. That changed about 4 years ago when I decided to stop penny pinching in the hope of a better experience. It worked. So, as a veteran user who loves the package but has also suffered through hours of frustration, these are my two admonitions: upgrade in February or later and upgrade every year. I've now come to enjoy the annual refinements, rather than dread the upgrade process.