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  • Paul S. Dachslager - A revolutionary bookThis book is a real eye opener. Much of there basic facts about sexuality I have observed and read about for years, but it is their data that will really settle the question. They survey a billion web searches to see what men and women really like, and where we're going sexually. Back in the 80s I heard women say things like, "Latin men with switch blades are sexually exciting" and "Black men are real men." These kinds of sexual preferences are the norm for primitive tribes, and now us, with sexual liberation.
  • Jakitra - AMAZING!A constant sufferer of cold sores all my life and would have never believed that something could work so fast and cost as less. I was blown away by the results of this fast acting medicine and am now a fan for life..." I received a free sample of Orajel single dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360"
  • chrystine collins-blums - Love Love Love My Kindle Fire!!!!!!I love my Kindle Fire. I can't imagine why anyone would pay more for a different Android device. I love my Kindle books, getting my email, access to the internet. I do not play games but my family members do and enjoy it. If I am sick, I will watch a Prime movie or tv show. The price can't be beat. I try not to criticize others but I get so much for my money with my Kindle, including the camera and a charger that works on all the phones in the house with no special pricey adapters (cough cough) or can charge via the computer, why would anyone pay more? I just wish they were indestructible.....We won't talk about how many I have dropped in water, crushed in a hospital bed, etc...
  • San Antonio Sam - Same old malarkey from H & R Block hatersI've used this program for business tax returns and trust returns for over 5 years. It is an excellent product for business returns and I say that as a CPA with over 30 years of doing returns. It has every form from W-2s to 1041 trust returns. Incredible selection--beats brand TT.

    I have other software for Form 1040 (personal income tax return) that works best for the large volume of returns I do. Yet, the 1040 program works as I have used it once or twice on very complex returns to check out my other tax program's logic!

    If you need to prepare a few business tax returns, Form 1120, Form 1120S, Form 1065 etc (or Form 1040) this is priced right and works well. On sale under $60 bucks it's the way to go. If you have 100+ tax returns to prepare, go with a professional program costing in the $100s or $1,000s!

    Don't listen to a negative comment on a 2012 tax programs when, due to Congress' failure to renew items such as AMT affecting 2012, nobody has a working 2012 tax program yet! Yet they rate it a 1 star?!!! Pure propaganda or horse manure.

    Buy it.
  • Helen Parker - Finally, Something to Stop My Loud Snoring!This snore chin strap solved my night problems almost immediantely. My husband has been constantly complaining about how loud my snore is getting. He said he can't even get a wink of a sleep at night. In fact, he was the one who bought this snoring chinstrap for me. I was hesitant to use it first because it might make my jaw feel sore in the morning. But to my amazement, it feels very comfortable to wear and it stops my snoring almost instantly.