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  • arthur kaell - as thankful as the othersLet me add one more praiseful review.Our child was diagnosed with Crohns at the age of 12. He quickly developed severe symptoms, and underwent a number of treatments and a number of hospitalizations. Surgery seemed imminent. Associated with this history were different dietary and feeding regimes (tpn and naso-gastric feeding, for example). During one hospitalization, which lasted about 3 months, I found time to read this book which a friend had given me some months earlier. It was an absolute revelation. It seemed to provide an exact explanation for patterns and timing of symptoms which were simply inexplicable in the context of any discussion with doctors.One example, and there were several others: The standard advice given by doctors with regard to nutrition and Crohns seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical process of food passing through the bowel, rather than causality. That is, if the bowel is constricted by inflammation, roughage should be avoided. On such a diet -- which in practice was heavy on processed food, starches and sugar -- several symptoms of our child's intestinal distress visibly increased, though drugs -- objectionable for other reasons -- controlled the inflammation. Our child (who is now 14) has had the discipline to stay on this diet for close to a year, though many of his favourite foods were eliminated. Since starting it he has never had a relapse of the disease, or the intestinal symptoms associated with it. This has been essentially without drugs. This very much contradicted the predictions of doctors who were urging the continued use of powerful drugs. I might add that his observance has not been absolutely religious. Very occasionally for social or simply for personal reasons he briefly departs from the diet. In his case this seemingly has no ill effect, contrary to the tone of the book and several of the reviews.I think that we owe a great measure of thanks to Elaine Gottschall.
  • Andy A. Wittman "aawshads" - Best android tablet right now, period.I have had this unit for more than 2 weeks now, along with the docking station. while there were definitely some initial bugs to work out, this is a powerhouse of a tablet. the hardware speaks for itself, currently there is no tablet out there that can touch the performance. As further optimizations are made for the hardware, it will really start to separate itself from the current crop of tablets.
    To me the sleekness of the tablet coupled with how solid it feels is definitely a plus. the colors are stylish and the brushed finish is almost elegant.
    Some of the early run units had some issues, some people reported dead pixels, light bleed, GPS issues, and wifi issues. my very early unit did have GPS issues the latest update seems to have fixed that issue with my unit. I compared wifi with the original transformer and the Xoom, and the signal strength was comparable.
    Ice Cream sandwich is due to be released for thus tablet on the 12th, I believe that will only make this tablet a stronger choice in what is becoming a crowded field.
    A lot has been made of the fact that android platform has fewer apps, but I must say that in my 2 years of using android, I have yet to not be able to find an app for whatever it is I am wanting to do.
    A big outcry from the developer community, which I an a part of, was about the locked bootloader making it impossible to root this tablet. while it may affect only a very small percentage of users who would want to void there warranty, it is important to many power users. Asus has now come out and said they will unlock the for those want it. many of the negative reviews on here are due to the campaign by power users to get Asus to unlock it.
    overall, if you are looking for an android tablet, you will not go wrong with the Prime.
  • Paul of California "paulk" - Seriously fun lens!I own the 17-40mm L, but wanted an even wider angle. I didn't know if I'd like this lens or even use it much given I have the 17-40mm. Well, the 10mm wide end versus 17mm is very different, and I am loving this lens! I've gotten some incredible shots. I will keep the 17-40mm because I will move up to a full-frame sensor in the future, but in the mean time this has replaced it; I didn't realize what I was missing since going digital until I got this lens. To my eyes the barrel or pincushion distortion mentioned by others is not apparent, lines stay pretty straight. Tip: get Photoshop CS3 if you can upgrade to it or can afford it, it has a perspective correction filter that works well (also corrects barrel/pincushion effects) -- just don't try and overdo it.

    I haven't had this much fun with a lens for many, many years.