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  • Sean S - When things are good... best bike made.I have to say that I am thankful that I am one of the people who did not have a defective bike. I was able to get this new in box from a sports shop going out of business for $900inc shipping so I think I got a deal. With a bike this complex I am worried about the long-term reliability especially considering I am a large guy 6'5 - 260lbs.

    I found that this bike can fit my inseam just fine but that the handlebar adjustment is a bit lacking. Not only does it not raise enough.. but there are only 2 bolts holding the entire handlebar assembly (that is the handlebars, shifters, display) to the stalk. It is a little wobbly but not horribly so. For a larger guy or someone not as fit as others you will likely need an aftermarket saddle for this bike. The one supplied is of mediocre quality and cushion.


    SHIFT PADDLES - Other than the gripe with the handlebars, the bike is very stable and the pedal motion fluid. I love the gear changes on each hand as it does simulate gear change resistance. There is however, a lag in the time between shifting gears and the corresponding pedal resistance change. The fact that the bike does this makes the workout 100% more similar to real biking than other models.

    INCLINE - In addition to shifting, the other unique feature of this bike is the incline and decline feature. As you follow a map the bike simulates incline by tilting the bike upward or downward accordingly... The incline feature is cool... it adds something to the alertness of the rider... it is however slightly awkward. Especially on declines I find it almost un-natural.. I also question the reliability of the feature especially considering the weight (my weight) that it must handle... BUT... overall it's a cool feature that works perfect and adds to the experience of the ride.

    CONTROL UNIT / DISPLAY / GOOGLE MAP - Just damn cool... I had no problem connecting my bike to my local WiFi. There has been a few occasions when I have had to "reboot" the bike when for some reason it just failed wifi but usually I get it done on the 2nd try.. find the control pad and the interface somewhat lacking but still ok. Here's the thing though... the built in 3.5" screen is essentially useless. It displays wattage and incline and a Google map view that is so small it is worthless. Here's the thing.. . YOU NEED A IPAD or TV with Internet to take advantage of this bike. It is as simple as that. Without either of these.. this bike's true purpose is not available.

    By getting a cup-holder IPAD mount... I was able to mount my ipad to my bike with the screen directly infront of me in the cup holder built into this unit. Open up safari and load the ifit webpage (the app is useless) and there you can watch your progress on Google Streetview as you bike your route. SOOOOO COOOLLLL. The Ifit app actually shows more info than the screen on the bike does.. it shows overall progress, total calorie burn, duration, incline, etc.. etc.. There is a lag of about 5-10sec but it is not so bad. I also hooked this up to my Google TV and 50" plasma and it's awesome. Sadly my bike is not usually near the Television with Google TV.. kinda makes me want to get another LOL.

    Anyway.. I can see why a TDF bike that is not working would totally suck. However.. when this thing works it is impressive. Really impressive.
  • KD "KD" - Better than other products I have triedI have suffered with awful cold sores for as long as I can remember. I can remember, every picture day growing up they'd seem to pop up. I have tried every kind of OTC medicine available. The only product that I had any remote success with was Abreva until now.

    I got this product as a free sample and had it in my medicine cabinet for a few months. I knew I'd eventually use it because it never fails, when something important is coming up, I'll get a cold sore (or a few). Sure enough, I start a new job tomorrow and one decided to pop up last week.

    I tried the Orajel Single Dose. It was kind of hard to figure out how to use at first because the "wrapper" wouldn't pull down as easily as I thought it would. Finally got it to work, used all of the medicine per the instructions. I felt immediate relief with the "tingly" feeling that's always associated with a brand new cold sore. It's 4 days later today and I can still see the cold sores, but it didn't spread down my lip like it usually does. It definitely "killed" the cold sore immediately. I am really happy with this product and will definitely be buying more.

    I received a free sample of Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment, 2 Pack from Smiley360.
  • P. Lourd "plourd" - A very cool book about the lost art of SW listeningI am a ham operator, so I have the equipment to listen to "shortwave" which used to be way more popular than it is today. However, in some countries, this is still a major way that information is disseminated. They don't have smartphones and high speed internet in the jungle! But maybe an AM radio that picks up SW.

    This book is an amazing collection of radio station listings from all over the world. It also includes a lot of info on USA based AM and FM stations. Its just fun reading to see the number of radio stations around the world.

    If you are interested in hearing some of these remote countries, this is your book.

    Very cool, even if not all that practical for most!