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  • Bridget S. Reil - Inspiring!Had this recommended by a friend years ago, don't know why I waited so long. Define and find the inner artist in you. Great inspiration for the struggling artist in all of us. Love the quotes and references. Makes a purposeful and spiritual connection to the gifts and talents God has given each of us.
  • Ruth B. Ingram - I think I love it.This is a dandy willmaker. It has an instruction book that scared me toothless. Then I realized that it contained little nuggets of knowledge for all 50 states, which made sense so then I kept on reading. My doctor and I have discussed the situation and now is the time for starting to make my final determinations since I am such a slow study. This software is so complete and I learned about contest exclusion, if you contest the will and you are named in it you lose anytime given to you in the will. I love that one and I am still working on my will. Although mine is pretty simple and straightforward I am sure that others will have more details to work out. Very helpful softward and book. I HIGHLY recomment it to those without 600 to 1000.00 to throw at an attorney for a very small estate.