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  • Alexandra Henshel "Librarian/Book Blogger/Pas... - Another winner from DiCamillo!

    SO GREAT! Kate DiCamillo does it again giving us a fantastic heroine in Flora and unexpected lovable superhero in the squirrel Ulysses. Any one who has ever daydreamed about having a life-changing super power magically transport us out of our ordinary lives (and I mean, isn't that all of us at least one time or another?) will appreciate this adorable duo's adventures and genuine friendship.

  • B.E. - hopeful

    I have previously had hair removed on my lower legs at my doctors office. I got 6 treatments for $1000. The reviews for this product were very good and reviews for other products were not good. I decided to take a chance. This product did not cost much more than the $200 it would cost me for another doctor's treatment.(6 treatments did not remove all hair). Plus I could use this on other parts of my body. I have used it a few times and have stopped all hair growth on one lower leg (haven't done the other one yet) and mostly stopped underarm hair growth. It will be awhile to complete all areas but I have high hopes.

  • Mary Singer Wick - Great singles dating guide!

    Josh's book was such an encouragement to me when I was single. You'll be blessed as you'll read that God can bring you a mate anywhere, anytime that is perfectly suited for you! Jesus always has our best in mind. Being single can also be a time of great fellowship with Him while you wait expectantly for your spouse to be revealed to you. Mary Singer Wick, author of "My Heart's Desire: A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love".

  • Crispy - Absolutely recommend. It's like getting a new laptop- seriously!

    This was like getting a whole new MacBook. My Mid-2009 MBP was getting a little long in the tooth and short on space. I was contemplating getting a new one, but didn't have the cash. So I opted for this. HUGE difference in startup and performance. Easy to swap out on my MBP, but I am very technical. I also put the old drive in the optical bay and removed that. Now I have three times the space and the OS is zippy zippy zippy. This will easily get me a couple more years out of my MBP. Well worth it. I also got these to finish the job: