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  • Mae Day - Love Leapfrog!!

    I have to say that this is one of the best "toys" around! Although the camera isn't something that you would find in a high dollar camera, but it serves it's purpose and makes my daughter happy. She has a lot of fun taking random pictures everywhere.

    The games/apps are really fun, also. They keep her occupied for hours. I have to sometimes take it away, so she'll play with other things or outside.

    This DOES NOT come with a rechargeable battery. I wish it did! Batteries are so expensive, especially when you have to keep changing them. That gets really annoying. Invest in the rechargeable battery pack...it will be WELL worth the cost.

    Overall, this is a WONDERFUL toy. It can be fun and educational all at the same time. The Monster's University pack is also great! I think it's well worth the price!

  • Therese Jernt - Lost 30 lbs. Simple swaps! Awesome!

    Have knee, hip and foot problems. Besides arthritis. Can't exercise til I get medical advise. Have no health insurance so not anytime soon. I have lost 30 lbs since 5/1/11. Posting this 9/14/11. (would have been Amy Winehouses 28th birthday). If I was any more sedentary I'd be dead. Smart,easy swaps make a huge difference. 30 lbs in 3.5 months and still eating what I like. AWESOME!!!!
    Bought all 8-10 books used, like new, on Amazon. All were New condition. Paid average $7 a book for all that would be $19.95 retail. All were pristine, new condition. And made me 30 pounds lighter. Also, Rocco Dispirito, Eat this now, cookbooks Rock to go along with these.

  • Patrick - Cables Beyond Quality

    In life one rarely encounters a product of such complete and total perfection. The so called dedicated link cable from Denon's nearest competitor is positively shambolic by comparison. This product costs US$500 and in my opinion that is bloody value for such quality and best in class performance. The cable installs, at each end, into it's receptacle with a satisfactory click. I spent hours simply plugging and unplugging it, then it was time for the purging of ear particulate mater. Through the usual high pressure water/vacuum method recommended by auditory wizard Harry Earl Winston III I was ready to experience this gift from the gods. Immediately thereafter I walked into the music chamber and closed the airlock door. I placed upon the golden turntable Pachelbel Canon in D Major and began to power up the sundry equipment and surround speakers. Two hours later I sat upon the ice block and switched on the final power button. In an explosion of sound I was warped into another dimension. Something was wrong, but oh, so right. My Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable with its high-purity copper wire had instantly accelerated Mozart from 40 beats per minute to almost 400,000,000,000 beats per second. As it pulsed through my existence shredding and then recombobulating by intellect, my senses and awareness were transcended. I instantly became a greater being, a provider of life and a devourer of worlds. I now speak 500 Earth languages, read minds and can read the nutritional information on a box of Count Chocula from more than a thousand kilometers away in an instant.

    I live now amongst the sherpas in the ancient and hidden Rolwaling valley region north of Kathmandu where they treat me as a man-god. Am I a god? Can I drive my enemies out before me with merely a thought? Can I hear the lamentations of their women and children? I am reticent! Although I am legally deaf in any spiritually bankrupt Occidental reckoning, I hear the world with my mindsey...ears. and my mind speaks to you with is minds...mouth: 'I command thee obsequious fools, buy these cables for the salvation of mankind!'

    Now I must leave you as my servant prepares to roll me to the palace gardens for contemplation time.