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  • R. Santos "RADX" - Spore is a great game, despite DRM complaints.I've been playing Spore for a few days now and i'd have to say that this game is the funnest life-space sci-fi simulation thats custom made for me. It is epic if you play thru from cell to space, watching and molding your species from cell to an advance race that travels the cosmos is awesome. It allows for creative people to express themselves and has classic varying gameplay that both casual and advance players can enjoy without it being too difficult for anyone to try. It isn't perfect however, but i'm sure future expansion packs will fix and add on endless possibilities to the game play. Some parts can be repetitive and simplified in the early stages but the variety and amount of customizations, explorations, and items to find balance this out. Do not play each stages separately (except maybe the space stage), since the scope can only be felt if you go thru all; the toy box aspect is nice though. It is like a buffet of all games i've played growing up. I have no issue with DRM since i find no need to have to reinstall this more than three times over the course of 2 years! Those who are complaining about DRM are the ones downloading it illegally right now from bittorrent. Its only $50 dollars, one time online autentification, and 3 reinstalls, EA has to make a business in order to make excellent games such as these so they have a right to protect it from piracy. Those complaining are the pirates who are concerned DRM will get into their computers and stop them from downloading anything else illegally instead of paying money for it. Don't bash the makers and the game then downloading it illegally anyways. We have become spoiled that we expect companies to make high quality games for us and expect it to be free; it takes millions to make games, they have to get their investment back.
    Spore is an Excellent game, if its not your cup of tea, it is atleast worth giving it a try. I'm looking forward to expansions, and i don't mind paying a little more to expand/improve gameplay.
  • Katharine Karstens - Great product!!!WOW! I had a mole on my arm for years. It drove me crazy. I didnt want to go to a doctor to have it surgically removed, so I tried this product and my mole is gone!!! Thank you Dermatend! I used it like the instructions said, but I did leave it on overnight, 3/4 of the mole came off, then I reapplied to the little bit of the mole that was left and that was gone a few days later. Took about a week for the whole process!!! So happy!
  • Petunia - 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther GokhaleFinally, something that works! I had lower back pain for a couple of years, I went to the doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, tried the Egoscue Method, none of it helped. This book absolutely did the trick and now I also have posture to die for, upright and healthy. This is the one, get this book!!!!!
  • HereComesARegular - Stand and DeliverThe perfect choice for your any-day-now call to stand yourself up, hydrate, strap on some lumbar support, and speak rationally for a rational cause. Be prepared for greatness. Excellent support for your arches and morale. Not the only footwear choice for defending and representing, but their power to distract (Pink? Red??) is amusing. You might welcome the distraction when you find yourself tediously explaining facts, or playing along with the student council or the neighborhood association's rigged games.
  • Virginia Campbell - title says it all in a way you don't expect"Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens will change the way you look at many aspects of life. There are some things that you will never take for granted again, like your freedom, physical safety, and most of all, your peace of mind. This is a harrowing survival tale of a woman who faces kidnapping, imprisonment and physical and mental cruelty at the hands of a sadistic psycho. After you read this book, the title, "Still Missing", will haunt you till the end of your reading days!