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  • Paul Tress - Great WritingAlice McDermott's writing is terse and almost musical. Her descriptions of light and smell evoke thoughts of classical music like Barber's 'Knoxville, Summer of 1915'. This work of art is about no one in particular and at best only minor personal events, but emotional and magical in its telling of a person's life from childhood to old age, albeit not as a straight trajectory.
    I trust freshman composition courses and fiction courses use this as a model of how to write, rather than the usual Hemingway example.
  • Goffredo Puccetti "Atoms with consciousness" - Must readI am giving 5 stars to this book because it is a timely book. It is the book we need to read, discuss, comment and share *now*.
    Thanks to Mr Harris lucid approach, what was unthinkable becomes pretty much plausible if not obvious!
    The moral "authorities" who claimed for century total and exclusive expertise on morality, ethics and human values, are eventually silenced.
    It becomes obvious how no priest or rabbi or imam can claim more authority than a doctor or any layman on morality.
    Human values are not to be shaped by religion. Religion never had and (hopefully) never will have monopoly on morality.
    And yes, oh yes: there is a conflict between religion and science! S.J.Gould doctrine of non-overlapping magisteria was a poor attempt to hide the situation.
    Science has always had a lot to say about human values. Human rights move forwards thanks to the advances in science - I am shortsighted but the laws of my country grant me the RIGHT to have my handicap corrected with a pair of glasses. That was quite an unthinkable human right before Galileo's invention... : )
    We can and we must investigate morality as an approachable facet of human knowledge.
    Do a favour to yourself and people around you: read and share this precious book.
  • Jan S. Strnad - Now I'm paranoid!I'm frustrated by my inability to buy this book! As I pen these words...possibly the last I will write in this world as I am now convinced I am about to be run over and ground to mincemeat by a huge ship...the book is not available for less than $999!

    Obviously, there is much more to avoiding huge ships than I ever realized. I am woefully unprepared to avoid huge ships and cry out desperately for this information. Why doesn't the government issue a pamphlet to all citizens? Why isn't this part of driver's education training? Why doesn't the community college offer workshops?

    I am alone and desperate and afraid to leave my house lest I inadvertently run into a huge ship.

    Please, can someone create a Kindle edition of this book so that I can end my self-exile?
  • alexis swete - Confidence booster!This book is full of useful and practical advice. I am boring my girlfriends silly with my new mantra 'well Matthew says ...'. I have already started changing some of my ways and seen results. I am already feeling more confident and excited about the possibilities in life and potential future relationships.
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