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  • Quincy Gow - Do not look directly at the cable.Folks, I wish I could tell you where I am. It is very dark. The ground feels cold and squishy between my toes. Somewhere in the the distance I can hear the whelping cry of a minotaur.

    Amazon delivered the package on the back of a golden wolf being carried on a bed of chocolate by 6 foot tall crawdaddies. Which is now standard for all purchases over $8,500. So that was normal. The trouble all began when I embarked on the installation of my $9,999 cable into my home stereo system. I just picked up a copy of Peter Gabriel's "So", and I was anxious to hear it in it's full glory. There were small plastic protectors on either end which I promptly removed after opening the package. I looked at the connectors to make sure everything looked good. THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!

    Before I knew it the cord had sucked me into a netherverse. An alternate realm controlled only by the imagination of an evil lord named Zuba. It seems impossible to imagine an alternate reality existing in a thin strip of shielded copper. But somehow the laws of the universe don't apply to this product. It is much bigger on the inside than the outside.

    I have joined a small clan of survivors from various dimensions to overthrow the dark lord. Zuba enters a trance like state every time "In Your Eyes" comes on and we intend on striking during the bridge. We are weak now. We must eat first. So now we hunt for the glorious whelping minotaur so we can consume it's magical flesh.

    Fellow Amazoners, beware this cord. I must leave you now. If I do not update this review in the next 24 hours please cancel my purchase of the Dixie Chicks Live DVD.

    Thank you and wish me safe passing.
  • PennyPincherJenny - Love the Leappad Ultra!! New Kid Favorite!Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of the LeapPad Ultra through a review program. The opinions expressed are my own. We own the Leapster Explorer and the first Leappad for comparison. This is based off my 8, 6, and 4 year olds experience with the Leappad Ultra
    The first thing about the Ultra i loved is the size!!! The screen is so much later then what we are used to on the Leapster Explorer or the first leappad. The graphics are right, sharp and clear! All three of my kids love to use the camera to record plays and songs they put on and gather around the screen to watch them!
    The battery being rechargeable is amazing. We have the battery packs for our Leapster explorers but our Leappad one never had that option, I would have to use Duracell rechargeable batteries and remove and reinsert them each time was quite a hassle with the case that was on it as well. It’s quick and easy to plug in and it seems the battery life lasts quite a while.
    My kids are in love with the improvement on the camera and the built in apps. My kids love singing the punctuation song and the other jingles!
    We probably won’t ever use the wifi but I love that I can turn the wifi off with a parent log in to control the kid’s ability to get on the internet on a screen they can’t get into!
    The best part is that the pen is attached to Leappad Ultra!!! I can’t count how many times we lost the pen on the first one however the ultra has its own pen compartment like the explorers do!
    We love this Ultra and the kids in our neighborhood that have played with it as well love it! It feels very much like a tablet and is great to use!
  • My27Stars - Great little coffee maker!Seriously, this thing it fantastic. It's simple as heck to use once you realize that you have to put the water in while the K-Cup holder is closed, then open the cup holder and place in your K-Cup while the water drains, and only close your cup holder once the water has stopped draining (seriously, shouldn't take more than 5 seconds!). I am NOT a morning person, and it's a perfectly easy sequence for me. I love that there isn't any sitting water just waiting for me to press start, that it's always fresh water going through fresh coffee grounds giving me a fresh cup of coffee.

    I definitely suggest just using the coffee cup you'll be drinking from to measure your water. It's a great way to give yourself the perfect amount of room for cream or sugar, and you know you're putting in the right amount of water every time.

    I use a reusable filter rather than the prepackaged K-Cups. It's super easy - not to mention way cheaper - to just put a scoop of our own coffee in there, close it up, brew some coffee, then rinse it out so it's ready for my husband. Honestly, with a 2-minute brew time, I spend no more than 4 minutes measuring water and coffee, brewing coffee, rinsing out the filter, and putting creamer in my coffee. It's honestly turned into a kind of nice little morning routine. :)

    Rinse out the two pieces of the K-Cup holder every few weeks (or if you notice a ground or two floating in your cup) and it will run just as perfectly as it did the day you bought it. With the reusable filer, you don't really have to worry about the needles clogging, but when you use the prepackaged K-Cups, just make sure you take the cup out after each brew so it doesn't dry up and stick in the top needle and then run a paper clip into both needles every few weeks when you rinse out the holder.

    All in all, seriously a great purchase. Not much more expensive than a nice coffee pot, and I get a fresh cup of coffee every time!
  • M. ORIAS "puccagirl73" - Psyched!!! This book was awesomeThis novel was very original and quite unique. I really enjoyed this book, most people think perfection is being able to move beyond emotions but emotions are what are able to make beings grow, achieve, and change otherwise you are stagnant. Sascha is the most unique character I have encountered in a long while, in that she will be perceived as flawed by her kind if she reveals she has emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of her character and her development.

    Lucas is one solid Alpha male character, he shows the best traits of being alpha while still maintaining enough of the bad boy qualities to remain really yummy. I love that he teaches Sascha the value of physical touch.

    Nalini Singh is in a league all her own with her eloquent prose. I look forward to reading more from her, I'm Psyched ;D.
  • The Good Wife - Bind me up! Tie me down!This binder is a life changer! I've gone from being a free-spirited round-eyed woman to a submissive and obedient Asian girl-wife. Even when my husband doesn't beat me, this binder keeps me in line and reminds me of my place. When those rings SNAP close, I snap into line. I honor this binder with all my heart.