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  • mr simon david - An essentail Revit CompanionI consider myself a superb Revit user but I found this book is filled with detailed instructions and cover's all the tool's required to become even better at Mastering Revit 2011.

    From novices to experts (like me) you will get tremendous use from this book. I especially like the center where it shows you some fine examples of completed Revit projects, putting practice into reality.
    There is a Hospital project in there done by SOM and it looks amazing, I hope I can bring my skills up to that level, I'm sure I can with the help of this book.

    If you use Revit you will use and enjoy this book.
  • Teresa - Great Book to review and study coding!Good book to review and study medical coding. I have already taken the courses, so, this provides a good review.
  • Jane Risen - A must-read for anyone who's expectingIf you're perfectly happy sticking with the conventional wisdom on pregnancy, and sifting through the conflicting opinions you get from your doctors, friends, and strangers on the internet, then you probably don't need this book. But if you want to know what the actual research says, you may want to have a read. This book does an excellent job collecting and making sense of the scientific research that's been done and explaining it a straightforward, easily understandable way. It doesn't tell you what to do or not to do, it just gives you the facts so that you can make your own informed decision. It also gives you the tools to ask your doctor the right questions. Highly recommended!
  • Mr AMZ - After over 11 months of ownership, this is still a GREAT Vacuum !Very powerful, fairly easy to clean.

    Light weigh.

    I got the first from Amazon for $111 in June 2011. But Amazon no longer carries it, such a shame.

    I just bought a 2nd from Walmart for my wife's family for $139 with tax. I think this is still a Great Vacuum, best i have ever used.

    from my readings while back, it uses some type of multiple suction design technology from Dyson. So thats a major plus!

    Get it if you are looking for a good powerful, light vacuum ! that never gives up suction also, it has a Tiny Reset button so if anything gets stuck, just clean it and press that button, no longer you need to re-adjust the "pulleys" etc...
  • artsong24 - Horrifically Beautiful!Several reviews of "The Road" have focused negatively on the frustrating lack of punctuation. Initially, I felt the same way. But there were gems along the way that kept me going down the road with the man and his boy. The first: <<He knew only that the child was his warrant. He said: If he is not the word of God God never spoke.>> After awhile, I attuned my reading ears to the style like I would to a foreign accent, and it became part of the barren landscape.

    Other reviews despaired over its darkness. However, the very bleakness of the story sets off this beautiful father/son relationship like a black cloth displays a diamond. There was so much humanity in the story: the father's struggle to protect and provide for his boy, while not forsaking goodness, in a world gone horribly... HORRIBLY wrong.

    I've created my own classification of literature in which I put this book: The Horrifically Beautiful. Also in this category, "A Thousand Splendid Sons." In both of these stories, life is stripped down to its greatest element: sacrificial love.