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  • Judy Hernandez "Judy" - 5 week old LOVES this!!This is the ultimate life saver & best gym may ever! My 5 week old absolutely love it the second I laid her down. She was laughing at her reflection in the mirror and kicking away at the piano. I did change 2 of the toys to a plush zebra & panda which she is extremely drawn to & she now lays on the mat for half an hour at a time & loves it! I love to lay with her & play with her as well, which also makes this a Great bonding toy! It's also a Lifesaver because I can fold laundry & do little things while she is playing which is a super plus for mommy! :)
  • Michelle Parker - Truly a blessingWe tried many over the counter and prescription products for my son's acne. None worked as well as the Exposed Skin care acne treatment basic kit. His skin was clear in a few weeks and continues to use the product daily with great results. We like to gentle combination of conventional and homeopathic medicines we found in this product.This product is truly a blessing.
  • D. R. Brown "Lola1618ut" - This stuff works!Ok, so I've been using this stuff for three weeks now, (I'm african american & wash my hair weekly) & I've really noticed a difference.

    I've had years of coloring & relaxing my hair, so I've had dry hair, split ends, & constant breakage. My hair never seemed to grow past shoulder length. Health & hair care professionals say you're supposed to shed like 100 hairs a day, but I'm noticing that my hair sheds far less than that, if it sheds at all.

    After the first usage, my hair felt stronger. I usually air dry my hair & then flat iron it. Usually, when the flat iron neared my split ends, hair would start to break. Now, my hair feels stronger & like it doesn't "give" as easily.

    You have to follow the instructions when using this product and I'd recommend applying it in the shower, to keep the mess to a minimum. If you fully coat your hair, the product will run, so you're going to want to wrap your neck in a towel. Try to wrap your hair or have it up, without something holding it up. You could sit for 40 min & let this stuff air dry, but when using this product, I just blow dry my hair on a medium setting. As your hair begins to dry, it will still look wet, but it will become very hard. Be careful not to agitate your hair or try to comb through it, or you'll risk breakage. After your hair is dry, simply hop back in the shower, gently wash the treatment out & apply a deep conditioner -- then you're done!
  • Diane on a River - The best Quick Books everHave been using Quick Books for 20 years and every edition becomes more user friendly. QB Pro 2013 exceeded expectations. Some of the small annoyances from 2011 have been fixed and it is getting easier and easier to read. My only suggestion - some of us are getting older and it would be nice to have a choice to resize the menu icons to a larger size.