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  • JCrowe - SharePoint 2013 - Pilothouse TrainingSharePoint 2013 - Pilothouse Training is the perfect training for novice to expert levels. I have been working with SharePoint since Microsoft released SharePoint 2007. My roles include power user trainer, content manager and SharePoint administrator. I have used various training tools to keep my skill set sharp including "Boot Camps".

    SharePoint 2013 Training by Pilothouse is by far the best tool I have used. It starts at the basic user level and works its way up to administration level in easy to understand presentations followed by a demo and then a lab. The instructor lead slides and demos are excellent. In the lab you have an option of using Microsoft 365 online (free account if needed) or using a VM environment created by Pilothouse. I opted for the VM and it runs fine on Windows 7 or 8 with 8 gig of ram.

    When you start the videos it is instructor lead with the instructor on screen talking with you - not a voice over. The benefit is having the instructor on screen with the slide deck and the ability to start, stop and rewind as needed. This is far better in my opinion than sitting in an overpriced Boot Camp where you pay your money and walk out with 1/4 of the information retained. An added benefit is they provide you the slide decks and the Labs in PPT or PDF format.

    Customer Support - It could not be better. I have contacted Pilothouse on several occasions for both technical insight and setup information. Each time I have had a response within 24 hours.

    In summary, if you are looking for quality, instructor lead and easy to understand training give these guys a chance I think it will be the best $350 you can spend on your career.
  • Business Owner - A good blend...As a business owner who desires to give as good customer service when mobile to clients as when at the office, this unit can deliver. I use SmarterMail for my emails (Web based) and purchased a hotspot or MiFi if you will, for when I am mobile.

    Originally we planned on getting either the iPad 2 or Toshiba Thrive. However after pro and conning at the store and having the chance to use them in person, we found the ASUS Transformer Prime to win hands down.

    Is this perfect? No. However we do believe in the next year that "Perfect" unit will appear and we will get that then. But for now, we could not be happier and feel the price was right for our budget and needs.

    We chose this because...

    The speed of the Tegra 3 QUAD core was night and day better for what we tested and use all day.
    Windows 7 tablets are to over priced and added no value. Not to mention, after reading the specs of what Win 7 needs and the Tablets have... They are already at a disavantage. Waiting for Win 8...
    Expandability. The 32GB Micro's are $29 everywhere. The only way to expand an iPad 2 is wireless.
    We did not care if it had 2 apps or 2 million apps available. We only cared about it working on the websites we use in our business and the software those run internally. The speed of the software we use sold us.

    One other comment. We found many of the tablets to not be very impressive on WiFi. And depending (It seems) on if you are getting an old stock or a new one (Has 4.0 already installed) it seems you may have one with a bad transmitter/receiver or something. I think until you own them all and use them in your own environment it is hard to know if one is actually better than another. We are very pleased with ours having tested many of them in the store. Our WiFi is on the second floor and I get two bars (Out of four on the little scale) 75' away. No issues inside or outside. AT home this was found to be the same results. Wife commented how we will finally be able to sit outside this summer and enjoy the surfing/music or what have you. Instead of having the laptop fade in and out, not to mention a superior battery life vs. the laptops...

    Not to mention... These are connected to our Router/WiFi (Not counting printers and computers)... TV, Bluray, Onkyo Receiver, Emo AMP, Logitec Revue, DirectTv and now the ASUS Xformer Prime...
  • Kevin Meyers - This. Buy it.I know you've been thinking about a Sodastream for a while. You've been debating the pros and cons. You've come close to pulling the trigger on it several times. But just go ahead and do it. It's awesome. It will change your life. If you're a seltzer addict, like me, this is what you need. Throw away the stupid flavors. Get the $5 off coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond - and make the tank exchanges $10. Doesn't take that much space in your kitchen. Do it.
  • Cthulhu "DarkLordCthulhu" - Awesome calendar, but....You would have to be mentally retarded to pay what these sellers want for a CALENDAR. It tells you the day of the week. It doesn't make breakfast or wipe your butt. It doesn't clean your house or drain your rod. IT's A FREAKING CALENDAR! If you have extra money to burn, I know a prince in Nairobi that needs your help!