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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • James Miller - Super helpfulI can’t recommend it highly enough! Was great to have on my iPad while we were in Paris. It made finding restaurants easy, and helped with planning our days. Plenty of food recommendations, museum info, day-trip recommendations, etc...

    If you’re going to Paris, buy this!
  • CK_68847 - Very good service and a very good tablet....I have to say amazon did a very good job of getting this product out. It said it would ship in 3 to 4 weeks. It ended up shipping in less than a week. It was arrived on time as normal also. The shipping aspect gets 5 stars.

    Now for the tablet itself: I about canceled my order because a lot of the reviews bashing the wifi. The wifi connection on mine is very good. I have a new ipod touch, and i put them both by each other in the house, and the prime was every bit as good or better than the touch. I am not a computer guy, but I would think the touch and ipad have similar wifi distance. The prime is also very fast and easy to use. It is easy to browse and download apps. The camera was also better than I expected. Overall I would rate this tablet a 5 also.