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World Medicine - Pharmaceutical Company - The history of World Medicine starts in the USA and springs from a family business that started with production and markting of only a couple of products. Since then the company developed into transnational global company and is one of the most famous and rapidlly progressing companies on the worldwide pharmaceutical market.


Country: Asia, TR, Turkey

  • MaryLouise Hawken "MaryLouise Hawken" - fascinating womanPing Fu is a real inspiration for people everywhere, but most especially for women and those who have experienced oppression in their lives. She made many mistakes in her life, but she always learned from them and then continued on as a stronger, more compassionate person. I would recommend this book to everyone.
  • Yajaira M. Martinez "Y@ry" - IS A MUST HAVEI must say that of all the drug reference books and applications that I have purchased, this has to be the best.
    It is small and easy to find what you need. I use it for clinical, pharm class, med surge, and all of my studying