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  • Amy J. Barnhart - Best language teaching audio I've ever used.This is without a doubt the best language education audio that I've ever used. I'm an older learner and the pace and frequent repetitions helped me to learn and remember the language as I went along. There's no point in introducing dozens of new words every day if you are going to forget them by the next day. This was designed so that you could add daily to your skills and also retain the info. that you learned. I would definitely purchase this product again.
  • Denise - I love it and use it constantlyI'm actually on my second one because I broke my first one (my fault, not a defect) and the moment I broke it I turned into a store and exchanged it for another one because I knew I couldn't live without it. I suction it to the little plastic Window that is over my car radio panel because I use my cell phone for music more often than the regular radio (hence the need for the gripgo, so that my cell can be accessed and viewed hands free) also for the gps on my cell, it's right there in my face so I don't have to look away from the road. The suction works well. It does not fall off with bumps or turns or anything. In fact the thing that it's suctioned to in my car is plastic, which made me think it wouldn't stick as well as if it were stuck on glass, but it does. So if you're planning on sticking it to glass you should be good. The arm can be adjusted up or down and the part the cell phone sticks to is like a ball and socket joint so it can swivel all around. The stuff the cell sticks to is some kind of sticky gel, but it does NOT leave sticky residue on anything! And it holds very well. So well in fact that the first time I stuck my cell to it I could hardly pull it off! So what I did was the thing is packaged with a plastic sheet over the sticky part....I left that covering all but about half an inch .....so only a small portion of the sticky is actually holding my cell! And as that loses its stick (just from getting dusty and constant use) I just move the little sheet to expose another half inch more of fresh sticky and just keep doing that till finally I'm using the whole thing without the sheet. All you have to do is run it under some water and rub it a little and let it air ddry if the sticky loses its stickiness. Or use a moist wipe. I don't understand those who had a bad experience with this. I love it and I love that my cell phone isn't sliding all over my passenger seat anymore and I love that if I park and want to watch a video in my car I don't have to hold my cell to do so. Also this would be perfect for parents to use instead of buying back seat dvd screens for their kids, the gripgo is strong enough to hold a tablet. ...... just suction it to the Window and stick a tablet on it for the kids to watch a movie in the back seat.
  • coolest kid in school - best ever!I've lived a long hard life in this past 10 years. 5th grade was the worst, first of all my girlfriend( which we have already went to 2nd base) broke up with me. How depressing right!? Then my mommy bought me this amazing tool, it changed my life. It got to the point where I came to school with my crew (which includes about 15 hoes) and I whipped out my banana slicer and sliced some bananas, threw them at them and they ate it. Everyone golf clapped and said "good show!" (of course I go to an overly expensive elementary school) i'm happy with my popularity at school and on the streets, thank you mom