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  • Christina - Glad I took a chance...I didn't but into any of the hype when everyone was ranting and raving about the trilogy and just shrugged it off. Then one of my co-workers was glued to it during her lunch break and kept telling me I HAD to read it but still, my interest wasn't piqued. Then I got my Kindle and it showed up on one of the top seller lists and I figured, what the heck, plus it didn't hurt that I could now make this purchase anonymously on my kindle instead of having to go to the local bookstore (I have to admit I was a little ashamed). However, I am so glad that I did. I have to agree that the writing is a bit childish and definitely repetitive (try doing a search on your kindle for the word "murmur") but if you can get past that, the story really does pull you in. I found myself up until 4am some nights because I just couldn't put the book down and HAD to know what happened next. I completed the trilogy in a week. At the core of the story you have a messed up guy with issues and a naive girl who thinks she can fix him...this basic premise has been applied in many other story lines (both written and film) and I'm certain has been the case in many lives as well. I'm not a teenager by any means and like I said, I will admit the book has some faults but the story was captivating. If you have a hard time letting go of reality and you want everything to be realistic and make perfect sense, this is not the book for you. But if you just want a good, fun read and to get lost in the romance you might want to try it out.
  • Susan Windhorst "swindhorst67" - Best book I've ever purchasedI purchased this book because I was tired of conventional medicine and its nonefficacy for me. The book was a life saver to me. I am still in the process but my condition is markedly improved! I am thrilled with this book.
  • Stacy Black "Booklover" - LOVED THIS BOOK!!!This is my second book by Ms Afshar. I think she is a wonderful writer. I am a Christian, but admit to also reading secular books because often Christian characters are just too good to be true. Ms Afshar's characters seem very real and are easily lovable. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Sarah. I was impressed with her spunk and sympathized w/ her struggles to find self worth. The book realistically moved her from one situation to the next allowing her to grow in her ability to form relationships w/ others and to find her self worth in God's love for her. Then at the perfect time the romantic element came in to also give me not only a wonderful read but a love story that made me want to reread some parts immediately when I finished. Just a VERY enjoyable and entertaining read w/o perfect or "preachy" characters!! Cannot wait for the next book which is going to include some of these main characters. I hope Ms Afshar writes quickly!!