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  • E. Tobias "Safety_Queen" - don't read at bedtimeThis is a coherent and articulate explanation of how different industries have manipulated science and reality to suit their own purposes. I could only get through one chapter at a time. More than that was just too god-awfully depressing & made me want to beat my head on the wall.

    Combined with other books such as Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists, this should provide the occupational health professional as well as the general public with a way to step back and assess the latest round of "it's not bad for you because we say so". It's really difficult to get workers to believe there is a hazard when they are bombarded by so much confusing "expert information".

    As an Industrial Hygienist, I've worked in places where corporations cared a great deal and also where it wasn't a big concern. I ran into this Doubt Methodology & wish I'd read something like this earlier.

    The problem I encountered is that Doubt can be used as a political tool on either side of the corporate wall. Sure, an immoral group can spend zillions of dollars proving their nasty product is good. Equally, an ignorant/immoral group can spend zillions of dollars accusing a good product of being bad. On either side, it's a tool. An interesting chapter would be an assessment of something like this - where a politically motivated public interest group took on a corporation and the corporation was right.**

    This is great - anything which gets the public to question/think about "facts" they are presented is a good thing.

    **I just loaned the book to someone and haven't finished it; there might be such.
  • Pen Name - Works!U take the pill in the evening and the next day u have a good bowl movement. It's not like you are stuck on the toilet all day like other cleansers I have taken
  • Cinderella - My Own BinderIn a red plastic binder on my big boss man's desk
    I can be whatever I want to be.
    In the sleeve I've been put in, I can sit daintily
    and my boss will smile his eyes on me.
    I'm a coffee-making admin and a typist
    I'm the low-paid staffer with a grad degree
    I work hard to stretch the pennies I am given
    And sure hope my boss will someday promote me.

    I'm so cute and efficient, listen to what he has to say
    with agreeable nods to his important air.
    Just as long as I stay in my own little binder
    And decline the offer of an affair.

    (Sung to "In My Own Little Corner")