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  • J. Al-hashimi - Unobtrusive, simple to install, no slowdown of system

    -Simple/fast to install.
    -Simple interface.
    -Runs unobtrusively.
    -No slowdown of my system that I can tell. (there's a nice gamer mode that can be toggled)
    -It received mixed reviews from PCMag after it failed to handle newer phishing sites and failed to detect some malware but they have an arguably vigorous testing process. If you really want to get into it, search for "The Best Antivirus for 2012" on PCMag. They do an overview of the independent testing lab results, too.
    -Also, I noticed it has a nice battery saving option that prevents my laptop from being scanned when I'm running on battery to save power. It can be disabled if you don't want to postpone scans.

  • Rochelle - What a great buy!

    Summer's Eve is a great product. Some doctors recommend it and you can never have enough. I like that these are the larger bottles, in the store you mostly find the smaller ones. Will be buying again, but I won't need to for a while now.

  • J. Kurz "J. Q. Public" - Works great and we're getting a healthy refund

    We bought the PREMIUM version because we sold a house in 2012. There are a few other things that could happen in life that would need the Premium version, but most could do with the regular version if they didn't have any of those life events.
    We have used H&R Block for several years and the past year's data was already in the program when it installed. That made things work well.

    My wife worked for H&R Block for two years during tax season. We started using their software at that time. We have never even thought about trying anything else.

  • W. Davis "boo boo" - There's only one way to start the day

    In my house, my father always insisted we start each day with the pledge of allegiance. Everyone say it with me...

    I pledge allegiance to the label on Tuscan Whole Milk,
    And to the jug on which it sticks,
    One gallon, UNDER GOD, in the refrigerator,
    with Vitamin D and Calcium for all.

  • R Auer "beckygpa" - The BEST and ONLY Celebrity Address Book I Use....

    Each year I use the Celebrity Black Book to send requests out to stars/celebrities for 'doodles' so we can auction them off for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have tried other autograph/celebrity books but have now even given up on that because the Celebrity Black Book is so great. As this fundraising event is always a HUGE undertaking, i wait for the most updated version of the book. It is rare that a letter gets returned to me. If it does, I do contact the author and notify them. They do send me an updated address after some research. (I only use the printed version) I'm telling you the customer service, if needed, is GREAT!

    Overall, this book has helped me to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's literally the ONE BOOK that i could not live without. I will forever be grateful to Jordan and Contact Any Celebrity!

    BTW, I just got this years book and its over 940 pages! It also weighed over 4 lbs! I can't wait to get started with my fundraising!

    BUY THIS BOOK if you want to contact celebrities, sports stars, athletes, etc. It is the BEST and MOST reliable that i have found over the past 14 years!