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  • Ibean - Electrical Code InterpretationThis is a wonderful book on the 2011 National Electrical Code. It clears up a lot of misconceptions about what the inspectors are going to look for in new work or repair, and makes getting the right answers for an electrical exam easy and logical. The author knows his electrical theory very well and conveys that knowledge to the reader in a logical step-by-step manner, unlike any other book I have seen.
    I recommend the book very highly for anyone, regardless of experience or level of knowledge.
  • A.W. - Insane!!!Coming from a Motorola Xoom this tablet is a nice breath of fresh air.Everything works & works extremely well I might add.The Wifi works just as good as it did on my Xoom.Maps works great & instantly locked on to my location.The screen & images on the Prime are breathtaking!! Had a ipod touch (4th gen) which is the same as Ipad (big ol ipod touch)...lol. The stock browser on the Prime works beautifully ,everything from page rendering & scrolling is as smooth as silk.I'm blown away.This is the tablet that puts the nail in that fruit flavored coffin....so long rotten apples.It's Primetime!!
  • Aschott "Aschott" - great for an anxious test-takerThis book made reviewing for the LSAT easy. I suggest getting a few different LSAT prep books and also a bunch of real tests. Some books are better than others, and this one is a really good overall view of the test and strategies. I think this one and the Arco book are good. I also foudn NOVA's to be good. Kaplan and PR were waaaay too basic and was mostly annoying filler.

    Well, i see lots of people have different ideas about books, so the best thing to do is to try out a bunch and see what works for you. I found this one really good in the AR section and RC sections. Also a good strategy for applying and getting into law schools in general. Two thumbs up.