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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • ohheyitsayy - Great Case!I'm a junior in college and for the past two years I've wanted a cute hard shell for my mac. So when I found this case on amazon for $8, I decided to go for it! I just received it today and I'm in love with it. I didn't think the apple logo would shine through but it does. It appears to be a little cheap when you first pull it out of the mail packaging, but when you put it on your computer it look just as good (or better) than any other case. It's true to color too. Love it already, and I hope it lasts a while!
  • Melissa J. Barsness "Melsibub87" - Ladies! Trust me, it works!!!If you're skeptical, keep reading!

    I'm 23 years old, married, and ttc. I've always had irregular periods, excessive bleeding for long periods of time, and periods that went MIA for over a year or two. After years of period trouble, I went on the pill before I got married (big mistake, especially for someone with my menstrual history), went off a year later, didn't have a period for two months, then got one suddenly. After that period-nothing. Still no sign of a period six months later. I heard about Fertilaid and thought, for the price, it couldn't hurt either way. After less than two months of taking it (i'm about to start my third consecutive month of fertilaid), my period returned, my first ever NORMAL period. Only five days, as opposed to my 11 to 12 day, heavy, helter skelter few and far between periods I'd had in the past. This really works if you have a history of irregular cycles or periods. Try it. You'll be amazed! I was and still am!
  • Mr. Bey - Excellent Hard DriveI've had one of these Seagate backup drives before so I was confident that what I was getting was a great product. These hard drives are excellent and very easy to use. As a Mac owner, some products are not so compatible with the software but Seagate isn't one of them.

    All you really need to do is plug it in to your computer and open Time Machine up to get this thing going. 3 TB is a lot of memory and you can partition it so you can keep music, movies, and whatever else you want on here with no hassle.

    For 3 TB, this hard drive isn't expensive at all. It's a really great product and serves all your memory storage needs.
  • De nada por Nada - TAKE CONTROL!!!!I mean it!! Take FULL control of your finances; both Business AND Personal.

    This particular "flavor" of Quicken is for Home and Business and it is ultra simple, ultra precise and the kind of program that you do not have to be a bookkeeper to use. I'm a Freelance Writer not an Accountant. I'm a Sole Proprietor, not a big or even medium sized business. Quickbooks is way too much program both feature wise and money wise and it doesn't easily integrate Home (personal)and Business income and expenses. I know because I used to use it. (It actually will do both, but it's a pain to set up and use).

    Quicken for Home and Business will let you set up and print estimates and invoices and let you print statements including finance charges if your client is late in paying. You have full control of your business without using separate spreadsheets and invoice programs and it tracks all of this information seamlessly and you can generate reports accordingly.

    In just minutes every day I download transactions from my Bank and Credit Card companies. I track Income and Expenses and the program assigns Tax tracking categories for BOTH my 1040 (personal) and my Schedule C (self Employment) tax filings.

    It's loaded with reports. Income, expense, budget, tax, p&l, cash flow..name it..it's there at a glance, and this is where you take control...no mysteries...you can simply see where you are financially with a mouse click...no guesswork; no waiting for outside accounting reports; YOU'RE in control. You can track your personal expenses and compare them to the budget you've set up...you can then adjust your "lifestyle" accordingly and head off financial problems before they happen...you're in control and you'll know at any time, exactly where you are for the month and/or year and where you're headed

    I balance my checking accounts and can assign income and expense accounts out of each checking account and "tag" transactions accordingly...what this means is that I can use my business debit card to make a personal purchase and tag the transaction accordingly; the transaction is then reported as a personal expense for tax purposes....no time consuming transfers of funds or separating shoeboxes of receipts. You can still write paper checks (you dinosaur, you!) and when you order paper checks from your bank, you can get those which you can use in your printer and Quicken will print the checks and number them automatically for tracking purposes.

    It has automatic Bill Reminders; both business AND personal. It allows for Online Bill Paying although that particular feature is for "cost per month" ($9.95); however if your Bank has the feature as part of your account services, you can just download the transaction from its website and match the transaction to the one you've entered in the Quicken register...simple and cost effective.

    I've really just scratched the surface here....It does everything but make coffee and talk back! It's the best personal assistant and bookkeeper I've ever had! AND it was easy to download right here at Amazon...it didn't take much time at all and was really easy to install and set up.

    If you need simple but powerful financial software that saves you time and money and which allows you to spend your time productively rather than chasing your finances and pulling out your hair at tax time, then Quicken for Home and Business 2012 IS for you.