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  • M. Kaplan "KingKap....yes, i'm the king" - Nutribullet.....so far so goodWorks great so far...certainly pulverizes seeds and everything else I threw in. Let's just hope it lasts a long time! If you can do without the huge recipe book they offer through the info commmercial....you can buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond. Make sure to use the 20% coupon, and you can get it for $79.99 plus tax depending on where you live. Plus with a brick and mortar store, you can return it whenever you want if a problem arises. Get your recipes online...easy to find. So far...so good!
  • B. Green "Avid reader" - Sweat No More!This product is Amazing. Had previously purchased this product from Wal-Mart, but could no longer find it on their shelves. Once a week use will leave your underarms dry and your clothing without underarm stains. Works as well or better than the prescription product I was always having to purchase from the pharmacy.
  • Idip31 "Idip31" - Great workout!I love P90X, but it's definitely a challenging workout.

    I'm not a fan of gyms because I don't know how to use the machines and haven't use them in my life. I'm also not a fan of lifting weights in the presence of others so P90X gives me an opportunity to workout at home.

    P90X has different workouts for different days and has a total of 3 different workout periods. You do a specific set of workouts 3-4 weeks and then switch to another for the next 3-4 weeks and then once again, the point being so your body doesn't get use to the workouts and you don't plateau.

    This package also includes a guide on nutrition and is very detailed in what portions you should eat everyday. Since i'm not the cook in the house I found this a little difficult to follow though. The best thing I found for me was to just follow the calorie recommendations per the guide and try not to eat after dinner and try not to load up on carbs for dinner.

    My advice if you're going to buy this program, don't be intimidated. You might not be able to complete the first workout on the first day if you're just starting to exercise. Don't worry! This will improve with time. Do what you can and keep pushing yourself to do more. Quality of quantity always and write everything down so you know your goal for the next time.
  • M. Caplan - Bound to the BinderI don't know what I ever did before I was bound to this binder. I tried binding my feet to make myself more marketable. I even tried binding myself with a bustle and corset. But both of those solutions proved difficult as a means to keep myself in the public eye because I kept passing out and falling down. This binder has solved everything! Now I don't have to move at all! I can stay in one place and just be observed. Plus because of its streamlined profile it helps me stay fit and in shape like Snooki!
  • Smellyvision "SmellyVision" - I have had no problems with mineI picked one of these pans up at Walgreen's just out of curiosity. (I never trust the buy on TV schemes... there is almost always a catch)
    I gotta say, so far it works AWESOMELY! I'm not really sure why so many people are having such issues with the use of this little pan. I've worked in a great many kitchens with various lines of cookware so I know what sucks. This pan does not suck. When I use it, I just wipe it out with a damp towel and it's ready to go again. Try treating it a little like cast iron, don't "scrub" it. If you have to scrub it, re-season it exactly like the directions tell you, it's pretty simple. You can't just toss certain foods in to a "dry" pan and expect miracles. Eggs or skinless fish, no matter what smoke and mirrors they show on TV, NEED some type of fat or emulsifier to keep it from sticking. Just like you aren't going to be able to brown a grilled cheese sandwich without some form of fat.
    Common sense and science... they are not negotiable.