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  • Lisa Ann Keyser "donut lady" - Good product

    Bought this product because my computer was running slow after I had deleted a lot on it so initially I thought it was some viruses. Worked well. And still have another use for a computer on it. It's definitely not as pricy as it would be in the store. I got it for cheaper with some kind of sale.

  • C. Irish "Read On!" - Perfect

    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 is an easy to use drawing tool that turns your PC into a dervish of drawing activity using an easy to use interface with a great variety of different cool tools to use. The interface is simple to use and it has a lot of diversity and it's fun.

    The program loaded perfectly. It was a completely fast and easy install with no hassle whatsoever. The interface is intuitively designed to make drawing and sketching easy on the PC. I could imagine that on a PC Tablet it would be really awesome, and one is now on my Christmas list, however, this program is also perfect for the PC. Designing has never been easier in my opinion and this is one of the best drawing programs I have seen. It's uncomplicated and so simple to use.

    For art design, digital art, PC sketching, digital painting it's a wonder and the great part is that it has such a good interface that there is no frustration or learning curve to it as seen with some programs of this nature.

    If you are looking for a digital art, sketch program/paint program that is perfect to install, use, and create with, this is an option you'd be happy with for a long time to come. I think it's ahead of it's time and it is really a neat program.

  • cnoelle - A book that complimented the first

    I am someone who dreds squeals. They almost always someone ruin the first book. Insurgent is one of the few that is not that way. Insurgent complimented Divergent very well! Each chapter had me at the edge of seat eager to find out what was going to happen next. I was so into the book I finished it in under a day! I highly recommend this book!