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  • Hailey Godden - The best series ever!I have never enjoyed a series so much....I am already on the fifth book so it's hard to remember where one ends and another one begins. Jamie Fraser is by far the best hero in any book and the way he that he loves Claire just seems the way it ought to be! Love, love, love it, it will not disappoint!
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Uncle Wulfy, can I play with your iPad?Ooh, a tough question. Even tougher is "Can I have a tablet of my own?". Younger kids (this is designed for early grade school) can be really tough on electronics, and there are places on the Web you don't want them going. This handy little device is the perfect solution. True, it mostly plays games, but that's what they wanna do anyway. It also has a decent camera.

    This does need a little adult supervision to download apps from your home computer, but after that, you can hand off the device to the kids with hardly a worry. It's tough, and Disney safe. It does make learning fun.

    Do get some of those peel off screen protectors and LOTS of batteries. LOTS.
  • Baxter - Wow! What a read!Webster's Dictionary defines huge ships as, "very large, seafaring vessels." After reading this book, I couldn't agree any more with that definition. Trimmer spends the better part of the first seven chapters of this opus describing what exactly a huge ship is and how to spot one. And, boy, his advice was very timely for my family and me.

    The other day, as we were setting sail for the supermarket, I thought I was encountering a small ship, but then I remembered the words of John Trimmer on page 17, "Huge ships are large ships." With this in mind, I swung the bow and narrowly avoided that huge ship.

    Later on in our voyage, I was once again eye-to-eye with a ship, and I was unable to determine its size. As the rain poured down I had my wife run into the cabin and get Trimmer's book. She read to me the following line from chapter 4, "If the ship in front of you is very big, then it is a huge ship." That was when I knew it needed to be avoided. But how? Turning to chapter 9, "Turn Left or Right," I realized that I had to turn left or right. I made up my mind and turned left, barely escaping the stern of the oncoming barge.

    Thanks to this book, I have continued to avoid huge ships on a daily basis. I have already started reading Trimmer's sequel, "How to Encounter Small Hats." So far I have found seven small hats!
  • Robert G Jackson - The Good Little WizardIt was a great price. The seller was so helpful in getting it to me. It has so many thinks it can do and I and the manual is so good at telling me what they are and helping me to try to use them. Finally it is so compact and light in weight that it is easy to have with you, you can get that rare shot that would have gone by the time you got the big DSLR out of the bag. Robert