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  • E. Garcia "Ozymandias" - People know about the power of this shirtI walked into a bar wearing this shirt and this gorgeous woman, blonde, twenty-something, in a business suit, walked up to me and started to chat me up. She told me that when I walked in she had just turned down the 12th man who hit on her. She said she knew I was the one and wanted to marry me, then she bought me a drink, sat on my lap, and gave me the longest French kiss while all the other men drooled. When I left with this goddess, some men approached me and tried to start a fight, no doubt jealous I was leaving with the object of their desire. Five men against me! But suddenly I felt this strength, stamina, and agility I never had before, and in less than one minute they were all on the ground.

    My new friend fell on her knees before me and said, "I knew you were THE ONE!" We went to her place that night. The next day we got married. This shirt is a gift, I'm just so thankful not many people believe in its awesome power.
  • Nana - It really works.I have tried all sorts of products, and most of them just don't do what they say. Abreva actually does work. I always keep it in the medicine cabinet, so at the first sign of a cold sore I start to use it. The first sign for me is usually a little itching or tickling. I see nothing yet, and I put the cream on. This doesn't stop the cold sore from coming, but it shortens the time I have it by at least 1/2.
  • Marie Claire "MC" - Best purchase!This is my grandson's FAVORITE playmat! He loves the music he "makes" by kicking the piano keys...which respond easily to a 3-month old's stretched out feet. The dangling toys are positioned properly so that he can actually reach them. The happy faces on the toys are appealing. And, narcissistic as he is, the mirror might be his absolute favorite since he talks and coos away to himself while lying on the mat.
  • Tarzan - Price and Download Awesome!The download of Quicken 2012 was seamless and the price was better than the
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  • James B. Casey - Filled with helpful hints and details.Having just returned from a lengthy tour of Europe, I can say that the single book most frequently spotted on airplanes and everywhere from Paris to Munich to Rome was Rick Steves Best of Europe. It is easy to see why. The book contains the detail of the old Baedeker guides along with dozens of helpful hints on everything from where to dine, how to get past waiting lines and ways to avoid pickpockets. This particular book does focus on the larger cities, but it is a good value for those planning a multi-city, multi-country tour.