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  • John J. Mathews II - Works great on "Toms"

    I recently bought a pair of nice Toms that I wanted to protect. So I searched around and found this product. After buying it and reading the directions it said that if after I spray a small part of the shoes with the protectant and wipe it with a paper towel if any color comes off not to use the product on that material. So low and behold the color came off my toms a little. After thinking about it I decided to take the chance and use it on them anyways, and I am very pleased with the result. The toms have remained stain free even after being rained on, having multiple beers spilled on it, etc. So moral of the story is that this stuff really works.

  • J. Jackson - I Can Smile Again! Real and Lasting Relief!

    When I found Ester's book I had been in serious pain for three months. My doctors gave me Vicadin and then morphine to control the pain, but I still wasn't smiling. I tried exercise, no exercise, special exercise, a ton of money on chiropractors, massage and acupuncture and I still felt limited and unable to smile and enjoy life. I tried an epidural injection and felt somewhat better, but then I found this book. The logical and simple process has given me my life back. After just a couple a weeks I felt real relief and have canceled a second injection in my back that was scheduled. With Ester's book I hope to avoid future episodes and be able to move onto the "rest of my life".

  • Harlan Drum "lonely boy" - Extremely detailed and so far so good

    I'm in the beginning phases of planning a thru-hike in '14. I'm just now preparing my resupply stops and with this book and some info from white blaze its pretty easy. A hell of a lot easier than prepping for the PNT.
    I really won't know how great this book is until I'm done with trail or, rather, when it's done with me, but I thought I would write that up to this point everything looks pretty good. I'll hopefully update this review in July.