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  • S. Gillingham - Good product

    I suppose it's outdated now, as we've had this for a year and a half. It stills works great and we've had no issues with it. I use it every day, mostly for my e-mail and My Fitness Pal. I also use it to check my social forums. It was also really handy to have on trips, and it kept me in touch with everything on the internet. I also use it frequently when I meet friends in a restaurant. I don't have any type of smartphone, so this is a more frugal substitute. The only downside is that I can't get Adobe Flashplayer on it.

  • A. Tahech - Works Good.

    I've used Minoxidil products since a couple of years. It's giving me very good results on my forehead as long as I keep using it. Hair thinning in case is non hereditary. The doctor said that in my age (20s) it happens that hair sheds and becomes thin for some people. I understood after doing some research that it's something related to the excretion of a hormone named testosterone, it prevents the hair from growing normally. Doing sports helps in solving this hormonal issue, in addition to taking minoxidil products like Rogaine. I started using the Rogaine foam a month ago and it seems as effective as some other products (except that it doesn't create dandruff like some products do) The foam is very easy and quick to apply directly on the hair. It's just excellent!

  • M. Patel "tech guy" - Unimaginably awesome

    Denon AKDL1 vs Chuck Norris?

    -- i'd have to give it to the AKDL1

    Denon AKDL1 vs Ditka?

    -- Ditka. but just barely. unless it's the 1985 Ditka. Then Ditka wins hands down.

    i'm off to Best Buy now to get some Monster HDMI cables now. yeah. i, uhhh, highly recommend them too.