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  • nks1024 - AMAZING! THANK YOU SWEAT BLOCK!My life has completely changed because of this product. I am a 24 yr old female and I have suffered from underarm Axillary Hyperhidrosis since I was 12. It does not smell, it is just wetness, espeically when its cold I tend to have cold sweats. I would have to base my wardrobe on whether my puddles would show (so basically a lot of black or clothes not constricting the arm pit region). I saw this on a whim on Walmarts shelf and thought well Ive tried everything else why not give this a shot. I put it on last night and wore a tight sweater today. I keep checking to look for the puddles AND THEY ARE NOT THERE! I am completely amazed. Ive been so embarrassed about this problem for years and finally I am able to wear what I want without worrying. I am going to re-apply this in 5 days not 7 according to reviews on here. It did burn/tingle slightly before bed but that is something you must expect when you try a product like this, however you fall asleep and it eventually goes away. Buy this product. I just want to say thanks because I feel like a new woman today.
  • AaronSki Mac-e-Mac "AaronSki Mac-e-Mac" - takes time to get controls downtakes time to get controls down but once u do a lot of fun takes time to unlock plays r u can pay for it best graphics ever seen on a tablet game