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  • southernchic - Amazing Products!!!I am a 33 year old female and I have tried EVERYTHING to clear up my complexion. I've tried Proactiv, Differin gel, Acnefree products...etc etc etc! Nothing has ever worked for me until I tried Exposed Acne Treatment Products. My skin started clearing up right away, and after about 10 days it looked AMAZING! What I love the most about these products is that they don't dry your skin out like ALL of the other products do. In fact, my skin always feels really soft and smooth. Thank you so much for making such an amazing product, I will be a life-long customer!
  • Scott - ASUS Tablet was the perfect choiceI bought this for work, and looked at all tablets (including iPads). First I set $500 as my cap, but moved it to $700 to include and compare more tablets and more options. Purchased this for $600 (I think it was $614 including tax, 2 day shipping, etc).

    I'm not a fan of smart phones. I use my phone (a lot) for business, but texts, calls, conference calls, GPS and camera are all I need and want in a phone, and my (non)smart phone does all those things better than most smart phones AND the battery lasts 10X longer than a smart phone. But my business sometimes requires me to have email access also when I'm out of the office. I'm 55, don't like wearing reading glasses, so I decided to get the largest, clearest, easiest smart phone I could get... and this tablet was it.

    It's awesome. The battery is great, lasts much longer than my partner's smart phone battery. The screen is large and clear. I can easily type on the touch screen with my fat fingers, etc. I've only had it a couple months but I do use it quite a bit and like it. I thought I'd resist it as much as I resist smartphones, but I don't. I use it and like it. Never hangs, easy to use, quick boot, large clear screen, light, thin.

    Great investment. I'd buy it again for sure.
  • Miller mama - Finally something worked!I was growing increasingly frustrated with the results I was getting when I disciplined my children. I have read many child behavior books and enrolled in various programs in an attempt to find one system that made sense and more importantly, that was effective. I think my confusion over what to do when was making the problem even worse.

    When I started using the techniques in the Total Transformation, I felt empowered. The One Minute Transformation was brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness.

    Overall, I liked how the program explains the origins of your child's behavior issues but does not make you feel like a bad parent. In fact, it has a no-nonsense approach to behavior change, which was quite different from all of the other parenting books I have read. It gave me practical tools that were immediately effective.

    There were so many ah-ha! moments that literally changed my viewpoint on parenting, and gave me perspective on my role as a parent. One idea that really struck me was the notion that feeling better about oneself does not bring about better behavior however, better behavior can make your child feel better about himself. This was totally opposite from what I had been reading. I was trying to boost my child's self esteem thinking that was the core issue to his problems. Now I know that it's about holding your child to a higher standard of behavior and not accepting less that creates higher self esteem because it shows the child you believe they can do better. The whole lesson on creating a Culture of Accountability is something that should be taught to every parent.

    I highly recommend this program!
  • S. Sedona - Canon 10-22mm lensI have been very happy with this lens. I like to take a lot of landscape type pictures, and I really wanted a lens with a wider angle. I took this lens to the beach and the angle was so wide that I could get the last of the sunset and the moon in the same picture (the moon was almost directly overhead). I would just say if you get this lens to make sure you also have a lens that zooms since the nature of this lens is to not zoom in very much.