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  • Jeff Maynard - A godsend!Finally, a pen I can lift without risking injury to my back.

    I have been on disability several times for long periods because I would get asked to take dictation. Frantically I would search for a laptop with the word processing software already open (because I dont know how to use a computer) but there were times when there were none available. My boss would look at me with those smoldering eyes, the sweet smell of scotch and stale cigarettes on his breath, and hand me a notepad and pen. At first it would be fine, the words would slide easily from his mouth, to my hands and then down on to the paper in perfect form. Then, eying me up and down, he would begin speaking faster, move behind me, start stroking my hair in earnest, and my hand would be weighed down by the sheer mass of the man-pen, unable to keep up. I would endure the torture, fearful to speak out, unable to stop trembling at the caress of his hand against the back of my neck, moving down to unclasp my bra.

    Then my arm would give out and I would fall to the floor in agony, screaming to the gods who had abandoned me here for being born the wrong gender, a cruel joke.

    When i got word of these pens, the first thing I did after my most recent trip to the hospital / obgyn, was pick up a pack of these. I have to say - game changer. No longer do i have problem taking dictation for hours and hours on end, sometimes all through the night. I feel so good now I am even able to pick up the tray from room service to have breakfast in bed ready for him.

    My husband is somewhat disgruntled with my new work hours, but he understands how important this job at the wal-mart is to me, and how important it is to be a liberal woman with a job of her own. He doesnt understand why he has to pick me up from motels in the mornings to go home to shower before driving me back to work. I try and explain but I don't think I'm doing very well, its probably because I'm a woman and i just don't have the mental facilities to convey what its like to work for a great place like wal-mart and the kind of things they demand of their employees.

    Anyway - buy these pens for your wives and daughters!
  • Richard A. Lasaracina - Great Book- Great Diet!My doctor asked me to read this book and to understand the concept. I started the diet and I'm progressing. To early to tell, but I'm hopeful.
  • mark rijntjes - a new challengeThis book is far from just a war story.maybe a little far fetched but certainly a scenario that might already be played out,China was is and will be the one large owner of the world armies,resources and indeed 20 %of population.their worries Ito over populations and related problems are , will be the determining factor of having this book's scenarios played out .........hopefully never , but still one day.EU and Africa are portrayed however as very weak which I believe is not entirely true alas it is a book to enjoy......and perhaps pondered ?