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  • PolishMan - The best toy a boy could ask forWhy play Battlefield 3 when I can paint my friends and family bright colors. This marker is deadly accurate and fires like a boss! The merchant was fast and delivery was furious. The whole experience was fantastic. I'm having a hard time not shooting things. All I want to do is tear stuff up with my new paintball gun. SUPER AWESOME
  • seegles - The best foundation I've ever used!I first used this product about 7 years ago - I've tried other foundations since then (everything from drugstore to department store brands), and I've come back to Bare Minerals for good. You can get great coverage, from light to heavier, without being cakey. I love the brushes Bare Minerals sells - especially the small concealer brush. Then I use a kabuki brush to dust my whole face. Not only do I see good coverage, I actually see a visible improvement in my skin without makeup! Fewer pimples and less discoloration - I think this has to do with the fact that it lacks a lot of the nasty ingredients common in American makeup (but banned in a lot of European products)!
  • Magnum - One and done!I had horrible underarm sweat no matter the time of year, day or clothing I had on. I tried every "clinical strength" solution I could find and nothing worked. However, once I used sweat block one time (over a year ago) I haven't sweat under my arms once! All I need now is deodorant (no antiperspirant) and sometimes not even that! Amazing!
  • J. F. Jimenez "jfrankj" - Highly recommendedI have been using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) for the past 4 years since finding it was the solution to cleaning up a computer virus infection that my previous "Name brand" commercial software had missed and would not address. I have since relied on KIS to keep by computers safe since and have never had any problems since. The only thing I do is disable the desktop "widget" since it adds to desktop clutter and is not needed for security.
  • Debbie Jo Mitchell - It's like a favorite new toy!I find the programs very user friendly. I love having the ribbon above the document I'm working on. It's wonderful to have all of the formatting options and tools visible so that I don't have to look for them. Plus, I'm more likely to try different things just because I can see easily what my options are. And, the colors used in the ribbon to differentiate the different formatting types are a treat to the eyes too. Thank you!