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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • E. Plaga - Best I've ever hadI can't believe how quiet this is compared to any other I have owned. My wife complained constantly about the baggless name brand one we had that cost close to what the Shark Nv did. Hated it, and was so loud it was deafening.
    This Shark Nav is 1/4 the noise level. Has noticably more suction. Has a good length hose and attachments. Seems well made to last. We could not be happier than this selection. Great price and outstanding performance.
  • youngmommy - im so happy i took the chanceOk so i bought fertilaid and took it for two weeks 3 pills a day and i had no side effects until two later i started getting really bad mood swings and started throwing up so i stop taking them but after a week i was still sick and getting my husband told me to take s preg test i didn't want to see another negative test but i did and for the girst time ever after trying for a year i got my first positive
  • Ms. Hunney - Good for fine hair.I'm hooked on this stuff. I bought it because it was formulated for fine hair. It really works. It volumizes my hair but keeps if healthy looking as well. DOn't order it through the Chaz Dean company though. After having my membership cancelled for 6 months, I had a $39 charge on my CC. After speaking to them, they said that I had called and ordered 2 pumpkin spice bottles. I hadn't done that. I gave them to my daughter to save on the return postage fee. I then had to cancel my cc and order a new one with a new number.