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  • Clifton - Don't listen to all the bad reviewsIt took me awhile to figure out if i should order this due to the lack of rating. After carefuly reading all the bad reviews and the good ones I've notice all the bad ones didnt know what they was talking about. They ether didnt know what they was doing or the expect the world for an item that cost 14 bucks.

    This item works great it does everything i mean everything it claims to do. I have an iphone 5 with an otter box it sticks and it stays and after pulling it off the iphone isnt sticky, I even took my phone out of the otter box and it stuck just as good even if this thing only last 6 months to me i got my 14 dollars woth.
  • T. DELCOLLE - The best!I highly reccomend this product if you are looking for a "cleanse". I have struggled with constipation for the past few years and I have tried EVERYTHING to become regular, with no success....until now! I had at least 2 regular movements every day starting first thing in the morning. It was like a whole new world to me. I completed the whole 2 week cycle & I felt great. Didn't notice much of a weight loss, but I'm not overweight & never step on a scale, so who knows. Anyway, I am ready to start the cycle again just because I loved the way my body reacted to it. It's so easy- 2 pills with water when I wake up & 2 pills again when I get home from work or before I go to bed. It does not make me wired or keep me up at night. Compared to other "cleanses" out there, at this price you can't afford NOT to give it a shot.
  • PatnPat - Does the Job!We have a fairly complicated return with a small business, rental properties, and investment accounts. I usually run into one or two minor questions that it does not directly address, but I always can work it out (i.e., a note that has become noncollectable and needs to be forced to fit it into short term capital loss, but it did work.)
  • Hookette - One of the best Newer Floyd albumsThis album has a great sound to it. Classic Floyd fans won't find it the same sound as Wish You Were Here, this is more along the lines of Momentary Lapse of Reason, but the songs seem to have slightly older flavor for guitar riffs. I loved this album and it now has moved up the charts on my Floyd albums. It rates up there with the great classics as long as you are open minded and not a purist. Lyrics have more meaning than more recent albums as well, giving it a purpose like Final Cut. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loved the sound of On the Turning Away, the songs on Division Bell have the same passion and soleful guitar solo's.