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  • grndmachris - Everyone should be adding this to their lifeBefore I purchased this product, I read the reviews and was slightly, only slightly, concerned about all the negative comments about the taste..well it arrived today just in time for lunch. I totally expected it to taste horrible, but IT DID NOT TASTE BAD. Besides if you want to sip a drink and savor it, then drink a milk shake, but if you want total nutrition than this is the perfect choice. Read the label, do your research and you will also agree that everyone can help their body help itself by drinking this daily. I also bought their probiotic, and I'm positive it will deliver all that I expect. Thank you Garden of Life!
  • William C. Pflaum "Bill Plum" - Excellent informationIt is refreshing to know that there are doctors and researchers that tell the truth about the history of things used for decades that cure so many maladies afflicting the populations of the world. This book opens the door to the possibility of cures for all diseases. Not only that, it provides the use and dosage of H2O2 for those that want to use this therapy to rid themselves of all diseases. Of course there is the usual disclaimer to protect the author from practicing medicine without a license. That does not nullify the benefit of using what is mentioned in the book.
  • Doorbuster1362 - Good experienceFirst time MAC user and I was looking to get the most cost effective and easy way to continue MS Office programs on my new iMac. After reading other reviews I decided to do Amazon digital download. I had absolutely no problems downloading or installing the software. It has been running fine for weeks at this point. I particularly like that Amazon holds the record of my download in case of backup/system fail issues; this is something that MS charges extra for if you download through them. Like I said, things went swimmingly and I would strongly recommend doing the download through Amazon based on my experience.
  • Amazon Purchaser - Great product even if you think you are fitI am a recreational cyclist riding approx 180 miles per week, and thought I was in great shape. After the first week of p90x I discovered I need to do a lot more, as cycling doesnt address flexibility and strength. Am working out with my wife and we are loving it. Since using it this week my back pain, and my wife's is gone inthink because of the yoga. Looking forward to the weeks ahead
  • TonyTheGoodTimeBoy - Quick workouts w/ this thingGreat set. I zip through workouts quickly w/ this set of dumbells. A bit pricey but you get alot for your money. I hope they will last, prior to buying from this site, I checked the set out at a big name sporting goods store w/ the dirty name. The display model was broken from customer use. Not sure if someone mishandled it or it was just from repetitive use but on one setting, one of the plates would not stay attached/engaged w/ the main dumbell.

    Great pc of excercise equipment.