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Urine Drug Testing PDT-90 is the most effective tool available for parents who want - Urine Drug Testing PDT-90 is the most effective tool available for parents who want


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  • cemeterysrock - Love this Camera!I love Fuji cameras and this one is no exception. I had it for 3 days and took over 2000 photos involving various lighting, motion, day and night shots, and used the manual and set focus'. Photo quality was very good and the camera is easy to use. Night action shots are blurred but I need to practice (to be fair). My last camera was a S1800 and I will be keeping that as my second.
    The camera is heavy but not unmanageable. I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the manual first but options are easy to find
  • Ms. Parrothead "Book Lover" - Great tablet for little onesI selected this LeapPad2 for my 2 1/2 year old twins (they will be 3 in Feb). They have limited experience playing with an ipad during occupational therapy, but we don't own a tablet for them to use at home. Since I can't justify the cost of an ipad just for toddlers to play with it, I hoped this would be a good substitute. I have always been a huge fan of LeapFrog toys, since way back when my (now) teenagers had the LeapBook readers back in the late 90's.

    The great news is that my babies love the LeapPad2, so much that I've bought the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundleso they can both play whenever they want. Although sharing isn't really an issue right now, I think it will be as they get older.

    This bundle comes with a Mike silicone skin which goes on easily, but I'm not sure how much protection it offers in the way of drops. I think it will be adequate, because common sense says that a tablet made for kids will be more durable/shock resistant than one made for "adults." There is also a gift card included to use in the LeapPad "app" store. Just keep in mind as you shop, that the "apps" are much more expensive, instead of the $1-$3 apps on most sites, some of these run $15 or more. I really wish that LeapPad would offer more inexpensive apps, and that may be something that they do in the future.

    One "add on" purchase I really recommend is they rechargable battery pack (LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack (Works only with LeapPad2)) There is no way to comprehend the sheer number of batteries that this thing goes through. It is crazy. I didn't order one at first because I didn't think the twins would use too many batteries, but I was WRONG! The recharger pack also stays charged longer than typical rechargeable batteries.

    In short, I highly recommend this toy. It has stood up well to two 2 1/2 year olds, and I anticipate them using this for many years. There is a large number of games available at varying levels, so this toy can be used for some time, from toddler-hood to elementary school age. I have bought LeapFrog products for many years for my kids, and I have never regretted a purchase.
  • Pi Face "good book hunter" - Inspirational and an excellent addition to my other 200 cookbooks!This is one cookbook that my friends are allowed to read in my house, but not take to their homes. I love the different flavor combination of recipes - fresh new ideas for salads! The layout of the recipes and cookbook photos invite cooks to try these new recipes and tastes - and is straight forward. I have had rosewater in my pantry and finally used it in the Roast chicken with saffron, hazelnuts and honey - and the taste was well balanced. No fear of new flavors - good cookbook to recommend to beginner cooks too. The other recipes worked really well too: sour cherry amaretti and champagne chocolates. With such simple, fresh flavors, it is good to use the best ingredients available. This cookbook is full of flavor and inspiration! (I recommend to readers who struggle with metrics - start getting used to it and buy a kitchen scale!)
  • Tam Nguyen "Tam T. Nguyen" - Simply the best!Gee, I can't tell you how much I have wasted money on several different books, video trainings, etc. only found out very soon that all of them were junk. Even worse, the materials in those books are simply either wrong or outdated (based on RC version). How do I know that? Well, if you were to build a SCCM 2k12 on your own test lab like I have you would find out very fast if the books / videos are any good. No way around it!

    Sadly, all the books, and videos I have bought were written / made by SCCM MVPs. All of them! Therefore, take my advice, don't get fooled by the title "MVP" as I have been. Those MVPs could be very knowledgable in certain products, but I haven't found any of them made a good book / videos. You could have the smartest person in SCCM to teach you, but if s/he didn't want to teach and/or s/he is not interested in passing the information to you, it's simply a waste. I remember back then when I bought a book on TMG (Microsoft firewall product) - writen by MVP - and I was stunt by the job that he had done. He simply paraphrased what on the TechNet. I guess his time was more valuable so that all he could do was to "re-organize" the information he has found on the Internet. Even worse, the information was so basic that I could have easily found on the Help file, let alone on the TechNet.

    They just used their "MVP" title to make money unethically.

    To be honest, I didn't want to buy this book, either because I was afraid that I would waste my money again. After all, Kent is another SCCM MVP. I bought it because one of my trusted source advised me to buy it. And I didn't want to miss out anything. However, I actually promised to myself that if this book turns out to be just another book from just another "MVP" I would return it to Amazon faster than anyone could blink their eyes. But I was pleasantly surprised that Kent blew me away just in the first few pages.

    I don't have time to delve into each chapter in order to give you the detailed rundowns, but this is simply the best book - not just one of the best, showing you a step-by-step on how-to all the way from basic to advanced in plain English. I tested it by reversing all my Hyper-V virtual systems to the original state, and building everything - I meant everything - from this book, and guess what? It worked the first time, and every single time.

    And I can't wait for Kent to write the next book on (a) update the materials on the Sp1 which is in the beta now; (b) advanced stuffs - for the SCCM techs who have passed the "elemtary" level - quoting him literally.

    Anyway, Kent, thanks so much for this book and please write more as I have describe above.