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  • T. L. Cockley - Masterful MasterpieceAs a long-time fan of Stephen Sondheim, I tried as hard as I knew how to be a fan of Passion. I bought the original cast album, I watched the PBS telecast of the show, and I have the DVD of the original production. But I was never passionate about Passion. Passion was ponderous and pretentious, and those were two words I had never used for any of Sondheim's work. I respected Passion, but I didn't like Passion, and I never pulled Passion off the shelf to listen to. So I was more than skeptical when a new recording of the new production was released, but the old Sondheim fan that I am said that I owed it to Steve to at least listen to this new release. So I did,and I have done a complete one-eighty on this show.

    This recording is a revelation! In the first place, it is a complete recording, not the truncated single disc of the Original Broadway Cast. Secondly, the story unfolds powerfully and inevitably and it is completely believable in the process. On this recording the music soars, conveying every nuance and emotion of the story. The lyrics are almost ethereal, multi-faceted in a way that eluded the original recording. Lastly, Giorgio, Clara, and Fosca all step out of the background and become fully-rounded, flesh-and-blood human beings. They are no longer two-dimensional, stunted puppets--they live! That is what makes all the difference here. These are people you can care about and care for. Their story may be unsettling, but it is real, and it is filled with everything the original lacked. This Passion overflows with Passion, passion you can hear, passion you can feel, passion you can believe. And I am, finally, passionate about Passion. Buy this recording. Listen to it in one sitting, as I did and you'll become passionate about Passion, too. It's been a long time coming, but Passion has finally arrived!
  • RV Driver - Tried 2 tablets before buying this oneSo, the last person on planet earth that thought he would ever have a need or desire for a tablet was me. I work 10 hours on a computer day in and day out (IT manager) and I work another two hours at night on my Dell XPS system post-processing photography and HD video (hobby and side business)

    My wife purchased the Motorola Xoom, loaded with ICS 4.0. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance and how far along the Adroid OS had come along! Then my son bought a new iPad2, which is nice as well (Can't tell that the resolution is higher unless you zoom waaaaaay in on the text) but I'm not an apple guy (Don't drink the Kool aid!) and it was apparent to me that there was equal competition out there in Tablet land.

    After researching for 6 weeks (Using hands-on demos, Tabletnation.net, and CNET.com for references) I pulled the trigger on the ASUS Transformer Prime.
    I bought the keyboard accessory as well.

    After 8 weeks of purchase, my Dell XPS 8100 gathers dust (except for post-processing video) and I am thoroughly happy with this tablet. I use it for travel, at work (accessing my cell phone provider data plan on my Android phone, WITHOUT rooting the phone nor the need for a 2nd data plan, thank you) and it is very nice to have just the tablet in bed at night to read. I cannot express my happiness and pleasant experience thus for using this ASUS Transformer Prime tablet.
  • sojourner - uplifting for women in generalThis is a great book for promoting the empowerment of women. Despite the author's relatively posh background, she provides much helpful advice that applies to all women. I have to say I admire her personal strength. I also recommend a new e-book for $3.99, about personal empowerment for women AND men, called DEBUNKING THE FITNESS MYTH - A groundbreaking approach to health wealth and happiness.

  • B. h Grey "Chari Krishnan" - 15 ROUNDS AND STILL THE CHAMP!!!"John Gray needs to move to Mars or Venus! Leil Lowndes is the Goddess of Love on this planet!" --Chari Krishnan, RESEARCHKING
    It's been over a year since I first read this book, and since then I've written and spoken to author Leil Lowndes, I've read the best of her competitors like HOW TO SUCCEED WITH WOMEN and WHAT THE HELL DO WOMEN REALLY WANT? and I've even read several of the pretenders to the throne like MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, and DATING FOR DUMMIES, and do you know what? After 15 rounds Leil Lowndes' HOW TO MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU is still the champ!!!
    So what makes this book the best on Sociobiology? There are 3 keys to LOVE'S success:
    #1 ORGANIZATION!!! Not only is this the best organized book on Sociobiology, it's one of the best organized books about any subject I've ever seen! #2 "EVERYBODY'S GOT A MARKET VALUE, BABY!" This chapter is DYNAMITE!!!--SO CLEARLY EXPLAINED THAT NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE HAVE MORE CHOICES THAN OTHERS!!!
    #3 LOOKS!!! AND LEIL LOWNDES IS THE FIRST WRITER TO TACKLE LOOKS!!! Yes, they matter, and I challenged Leil on this chapter because she actually ended up contradicting herself, because she showed me that looks are so important that you can't actually make ANYONE fall in love with you, just people within your range of looks--two points up or down on the Bo Derek scale according to THE GODDESS OF LOVE!!!
    15 ROUNDS AND STILL THE CHAMP!!!Chari Krishnan