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  • Matthew Palcher - Another O'Reilly Classic!Bill O'Reilly brings the Gospels to life in this outstanding depiction of the life of Jesus Christ. The reader is literally walking alongside Jesus, from His birth in Bethlehem all the way to His horrific death at Golgotha. This book really makes one examine his or her faith and adds a greater historical dimension to the examination of Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection.
  • S. M. Petrus - By far my favorite WEN product! Better than shampoo!I switched to WEN six thirteen several months ago in an attempt to repair the damage to my hair. I have thin wavy hair that I dye every 6 to 8 weeks (I'm naturally a brunette who was meant to be a blonde). Other than that I don't use hot irons or anything, but my hair was so dry and damaged, it felt like hay (and didn't look much better). Over a period of about 6 months I used every conditioner, treatment, mask I could find to try and repair my hair. But by the time I got it to look half way nourished It was time to dye it again. I started using WEN and within the week my hair felt so soft and looked fantastic!! I bought the mango over the summer, as it was a seasonal item. It smells amazing. I love coconut mango anything, and this was just what the doctor ordered. I usually order from QVC, but since this isn't available in the winter i decided to give amazon a try. glad I did. I bought 2 bottles!! In case you are wondering, this one is my favorite, six thirteen is also good. I just bought the winter vanilla mint to try and love that too. It's tingly like the 6-13 but smells way better. I didn't care for any of the other kinds. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but I will never go back to shampoo again! I can't, my hair won't let me!
  • lunasera - Fascinating, in depth look into the real life of Michael Jackson.I couldn't put this book down from the moment I began. The research that has gone into this book is amazingly in depth, and in my opinion gives a fair and truthful-feeling presentation of Michael's real life. There is so much media spin on everything about Michael, that it was refreshing to have a balanced straight forward account. The author delves into the subject without passing judgement or giving undue support, and leaves his reflections more in the form of questions for the reader to think about as well.

    There are so many great little insights and moments that I had never heard about, and I was amazed at how many perspectives you got from both Michael and those who knew him, so you really felt you had a sense of all the sides of a matter. I learned a lot especially about Lisa Marie and their relationship, and found her story extremely interesting. The dynamics of the Jackson family are also fascinating in themselves. What's also quite fun when you read this book, is that you can find so much on the internet that will enhance your reading experience. For example when the author explains why Michael Jackson was distracted and agitated when accepting a certain award one year (quite a funny story) you can look up the video of the award that night and see the agitation you just read about! Not many people are so famous that you can actually look up media and photos that correspond to the biography you're reading!

    There were a handful of typos, which really wouldn't be worth mentioning in a book this length except that I was bummed when the second to last word of the book was one of them. However I'm sure it was quite a rush getting the updated version of this book out so quickly, and I'm glad they did.

    Michael Jackson was a fascinating, amazing talented, troubled, and unique person who will be missed by many the world over. I really loved delving deeper into a person who was such a phenomenon and I can't imagine a better, more complete and balanced biography. Highly recommended for both fans and those who are just curious about the legend. Incidentally, this review comes from a fan.
  • Cindi - Great service.Thank you for the service. Take care and again thanks from a future. Maine customer to your way my friend. My other friends from LA not Cal .Louisianna, lol. Their happy like we are. Thanks for the product that works n protect Us.. I,m a women n please hear me roar. I love my Nortons 360 n plus. :-)