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  • P. Canniff "paul206" - Mini-vans need thisKids love it. Some adults love it. The rest, well, you can't reach everybody. Biggest issue is, do NOT open the windows at speed or you will lose an antler. I put them on the back windows. If you want security, use duct tape. After the season, clean the windows with goo-gone or a razor (or both) and all that duct tape adhesive will be gone.
  • Pat Westmoreland - An Eating Program that Makes SenseI have known for along time that some foods or combinations of foods don't agree with me, so I was intrigued when I found this book. I decided that I would give the program a try. I am at day 14 of the program and have lost 9.1 pounds. My arthritis has diminished significantly and I am sleeping better, and I find more mental clarity. I would say to anyone that has gone through the gamut of weight loss programs, or is tired of using drugs to treat the symptoms of aging, to give this program a try - what do you have to lose - weight for one, and the added bonus of feeling great.
  • MiaUNLEASHED . com - Kills Cold Sores!Winter is here and, along with it -- cold sores. They're unattractive and they hurt. For me, it always starts with dry, cracked lips and worsens from there. I have a cold sore right now. Or, I should say, I had a cold sore. It's almost completely gone thanks to Orajel's Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment and I owe it all to Smiley360 for giving me the chance to try to amazing product for free in exchange for honest feedback.

    When Orajel says healing begins with just one dose, they weren't kidding! It's only been 48 hours and my cold sore is almost completely gone! The pain was relieved instantly upon application resulting in a blissful numbing sensation around the affected area as the the medication did it's job. I really like the unique touch-free design too, which allows you to clean the sore without further contaminating it with dirt and/or bacteria that might be your hands.

    All in all, I am extremely pleased with the results and will be carrying these in my purse from now on as a quick, easy, and effective cold sore treatment.
  • Brent Butler - Excellent valueIf you are using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or wish to explore that option, this is a good place to start. This is the same software that installs for the Enterprise product, but the price is a pittance.

    As opposed to SQL Server 2012 Express, the regular product supports multiple processors and unlimited database size ... as well as multiple servers in a Failover configuration. So while you could get a feel for SQL Server 2012 by using Express to begin with, when it comes time to actually test final performance, you'll need this product in your test environment.

    Be prepared that installation of this software is not the "click next" experience that most software installations are. You need to have learned something about the installation before you start it, and from multiple sources. One book I initially followed on SQL Server installation steered me completely the wrong way on setting up security, and using their method I was unable to successfuly configure a connection string to use SQL Server databases with ASP. (Hint: Use mixed security and set up a separate user from within SQL Server to solve that issue).

    The tools that are part of SQL Server Management Console (SSMC) are powerful and surprisingly simple to use. The import utilities get other databases (including Access) into SQL Server quickly and painlessly.
  • Frances A. Billker "Islandgirl" - Great travel aidOne again Streets and Trips has proven invaluable in trip planning.I got this version to replace an earlier version (*much* eartlier) that had become outdated. I use this program to search out routes, plan where to stop for the night based in part on where my favorite lodging places are in relation to a rough estimate of my "end of day" calculations -- another part of "Roujte Planning" in this program. With S&T I can see what lodging places - by name - are close to a specific exit that suits my end of day plan. I can even see what gas stations are at ay given exit to aid in planning fuel stops - again by brand.

    There is much to recommend this program and nothing to dissuade anyone who travels by car, RV or motorcycle. Great buy!