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Tufts Medical Center: A world-class academic medical center - Tufts Medical Center is a world-class academic medical center conveniently located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, home to both a full-service hospital for adults and Floating Hospital for Children.


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  • olotsodogs - So far so good - plastic bumper and headlightsI have been looking at this stuff for a while, but saw a number of bad online reviews related to the customer service of the as-seen-on-TV company that was selling it. So I decided to wait until it became available from a more reliable retailer like Amazon.

    As another reviewer mentioned, it is not an oil or vinyl treatment like Armorall , it is more of a plastic coating.

    The bottle is small, but you need very little for a good result. I suspect that the people who thought there was too little used more than was necessary. I have a 2000 Honda CRV with a LOT of plastic, so I am doing it in stages. I did the large black plastic bumper with only about 10 drops of product, and maybe another ten drops for the plastic spare tire cover.

    I cleaned them with simple green beforehand, to remove any oils or grease. The product also seems to clean the plastic, as the rag came away black. Afterwards the bumper and tire cover looked great.

    I also tried it on the headlights. This car came to me with very yellowed and clouded headlight lenses, and over the last four years I have tried three or four different products designed to clear them up. As a result they were not in terrible shape, but there was still some clouding. This stuff did a better job of clearing them up than the other products I used.

    So far I am pleased. If anything changes, I will report back. :o)
  • Kb "Kb" - Shouldn't have waited so long to make this purchase.Been searching for facial cream that works this well for a long time. This product is worth every penny!
    Light, easily applied, wonderful scent like a light lemon chiffon. Some reviews complained of scent, and that quality of product was inconsistent. Got mine from Amazon and can only hope quality remains same with multiple purchases.
    I had tried prescription face creams, (ones used for patients having radiation treatment) none helped with my dry, sandpaper feeling face. But Hope in a Jar has made my skin smooth and soft again, using twice a day I noticed improvement within first few days.
    Get it, it really is worth it!
  • Carlos Guaimare - Perhaps the only book most people will ever need.The Najdorf is a very difficult defense, but once you read this book you will know exactly what to play against every move white can throw us. This book gives us an excellent repertoire and you will not need to learn that much theory. With this repertoire white will have a difficult time trying to attack you. After this book you just have to go to the database to keep up with the latest theory.
  • E. Carbone - Best C# BookOver the last 2 years I have probably purchased about 6 or 7 books on .NET, C# and ASP.NET. Wrox books have always been my favorite, but I can honestly say this is, hands down, the best C# book I have read. I took a C# class last year and I wish my instructor could have used this book!

    The chapters of this book are carefully thought out.
    For example:
    - Arrays are discussed before 'foreach' loops.
    - Methods are initially introduced as 'functions' to make it easy to understand how they work.
    - Debugging and Error Handling are discussed before you learn object-oriented techniques, which would be a nightmare if you started coding classes and didn't already know how to debug.
    - After learning object-oriented techniques, you put them all together in the next chapter, which introduces you to Classes.

    Chapter 14 discusses enhancements to the C# language, which is a nice touch.
    The author also takes time to point out the features that make Visual Studio such a great product - intellisense while coding, the class view window, class diagrams

    The author's style of writing makes each section very easy to read and understand, and the book is full of examples. Nothing is 'rushed' or skimmed over in this book, and the practice exercises are well thought out.

    Two (minor) topics I would have liked to see in this book: (1) How to use TODO Comments and the Task List in Visual Studio, and (2) At least a discussion on MVC. (I realize entire books are written on MVC, but at least an introduction to it would have really made this book complete)

    But as I said, this book is very thorough. If I had to recommend just one book for someone who is beginning C# Programming, it would be this book for sure.