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  • Mark Bolland - A Great Story Teller

    Steve conveys his ideas simply, directly, with wit and personality; like having a chat with your best friend. This was a quick read with a lot of valuable information. Steve is a master story teller. He explains complex ideas with impact through the use of basic common sense. I recommend it as a must read for anyone who wants to shoot better video.

  • KATHLEEN "BOOKWORM" - my husband loves this product

    this product is good -and it has 90 capsules at great price
    my husband takes this, and his doctor recommends it too

  • Durk Simmons "writer" - mmmmmm milk

    It's great stuff milk, I honestly, no kidding, drink about a 1/2 gallon a day, every day and have pretty much my whole life. I'm 45, and very rarely get sick and I think the milk is why. There I said it.

    Durk Simmons author of Strings of Connection Book One of the Witches in America Series

  • L. Photography "AlwysLearnin" - very pleased indeed

    If you like an artistic style and really want to get a wider picture, then you will certainly not be disappointed with this lens. The color and clarity of this lens is fantastic and it's a blast to use! Just be sure to practice with it first if you take shots with people in it will distort.

    So much fun and a must have for any non traditional photographer!

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    I recently purchased several copies, more specifically for my mother & aunt, of a book titled, "The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases" & they are both very satisfied with the products written contents, condition upon arrival, fair price (compared to most others offering the exact same product), as well as the quick shipping & arrival of all purchases. I would highly recommend not just this book, but the great seller who sent it our way for a fair price. Keep voicing the truth that some would like to remain hidden! God Bless.

    Scot T.