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  • Shopping in Seattle - Two thumbs up on the Nutri BulletI've been using this thing for around 10 days and have told pretty much everyone who will listen to me how awesome it is. Easy to use, quick to blend, and super easy to clean. Plus, coming from a regular juicer, it is so nice to not have to throw away a bunch of fruit and vegetable pulp, which always felt like a huge waste of resources and nutrients. Essentially, I use about 1/5 of the ingredients to get the same amount of drink compared to a traditional juicer, so it costs less overall and cuts down on preparation time, not to mention that you also have more leeway as to what you put in and don't have to peel as many things, etc. I read the review that said (5 or 6 times :) not to fill it past the 'full' line so have been careful about that, and so far it has never leaked. It literally takes less than 1 minute to clean - what a relief! I had no idea that kale and lettuce could blend completely into a smoothie and disappear, but they do. I think the number one thing about this item is that you don't throw away any part of the fruit or vegetable (unless you peel or core something before putting it in the Nutri Bullet, obviously), so it's easy to make a huge boost in your consumption of whole fruits and vegetables, and things that are less mainstream but very good for you, like kale, are easy to include and just blend right in.

    OK, one word of warning is that eventually your family members may get tired of hearing "Here, try this one!" two or three times a day. ;)
  • Gabrielle Nain - Good productAll my expectations were met. Truly one of the sleekest tablets on the market. Love it and can't take my hands off it.
  • Meditation Man - SUPER QUIET! Got it to dry my pussy cat - after baths! She is afraid of the other hair dryerMy pussy -CAT has to take a bath at least every 2 weeks because I am allergic. She is fine with being washed in the sink and rinsed off. It is drying that is the problem. She hates being dried with a towel and she goes insane if I try the hair dryer. I have always used the hair dryer on other pets, but they were dogs.

    When she was a kitten I tried to dry her with a hair dryer and she sunk her teeth into my hand and would not let go. So drying her has become a long and drawn out process that ranges from taking her outside in a harness attached to a leash in the summer, on the porch below the ceiling fans to holding her in a towel in front of the fireplace in the winter.

    This is a game changer! Quiet hairdryer = happy pussy! And this does the job fast!
  • Timothy Leake - Bottom line The Time Machine Tour was awesome and I can't wait to see this DVD!I grew up with Rush..... 1970s through current.

    My first concert seeing Rush was on Moving Pictures and I thought it was awesome! Since then I have raised a family and we have made a habit of going to see Rush whenever they tour. Most of the time we see them in St. Louis MO. I was very lucky that I married a Geddy Corn (Google for explanation) and she and I have raised kids that love Rush. We saw the Time Machine Tour in 2010 and it was simply awesome. Getting to see the whole Moving pictures in its entirety was great. Getting to see the camera eye performed for the first time was a great as well. This band has literally written the soundtrack for my life and I have great musical respect for them and their fans. The most loyal group of fans in the music industry today.

    Bottom line The Time Machine Tour was awesome and I can't wait to see this DVD!
  • jackhendri - Long overdueThis book totally reshaped my view of my own American faith paradigms. As the wealthiest nation on earth, we are vulnerable to the enemies of materialism, comfort and complacency. Beginning with our children, we must guard against these very real threats to our ability to effectively follow Jesus. Platt is right on in his estimation of what could be ailing the American church. However, he is gentle and humble, not harsh or critical in his delivery. Radical will challenge, stir and inspire you. I don't think this book will leave many the same way it found them....but then neither will Jesus.