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  • John Mangin - Uniquely QualifiedI haven't read the entire book yet, but I've really enjoyed the excerpts on WSJ and Slate.

    The central objection of the campaign against the book is that Emily Oster, as an economist, lacks medical training and is unqualified to write a book that touches on healthcare and medical issues. (See, e.g., this: The other objections seem to flow from this one.

    As an economist, Oster's career is built around conducting and analyzing regression studies to tease out complex relationships among multiple variables. That's what microeconomists do, and that's exactly what she's doing here with the many studies on the pregnancy-related questions the book addresses. As such, she's uniquely qualified to write this book and provides a perspective that your Ob-Gyn can't (unless he or she happens to have world-class, doctoral-level training in economics and statistics and lots of time after work to sort through the methodological appendices of thousands of studies).
  • Patrick Sims - The GOLD STANDARDBest STEP preparation book hands down. And everyone knows it. I don't know a single medical student not using this book to prepare. Use it as your mainstay for the test and use BRS/Rapid review subject books to fill in the gaps.
  • Rusty - Gone Girl...what an intriguing book!I read this book with curiosity after reading some of the other reviews. It takes a while to get going, but then it is one surprise after another and keeps you wondering what is coming next. Many have criticized the ending, but I found it was in character with the way Amy lead her make-believe-life. All in all I enjoyed the story and found it hard to put down once I got into it. A good read!
  • Darena Shopz "darenashopzatgmxdotcom" - Reliable Accounting System for Small BusinessesI've used QuickBooks for over 15 years with only slight changes through the years.

    If you're already familiar with QuickBooks then no surprises with the 2013 version.

    For those who are not familiar, it's a great accounting system that helps you organize your books. It can run most any accounting report you'll need. It gathers the report on info that you have input so the accuracy depends on what has been put in. We tried to go without using QuickBooks because of the cost but there was not a better alternative out there for us. We tried just using an estimate and invoice template and making our own but it was so frustrating trying to keep track of them and trying to figure out if they had been paid or not. QuickBooks takes care of all of that for us. So we sprung for the newer version when we switched computers. I know there are a few other systems out there but overall, I haven't used one that worked better, especially for the price.

    It's just a must have for our small business and I've not found an easier or cheaper way to keep up with our books. We mostly use the estimate and invoices. But there is so much that you can do with it.
  • M. Harris - If you're in the market for a farming game, DON'T look elsewhere!There are an array of farming games out there, such as Agricultural Simulator, John Deere series, Youda farmer, etc. But let me tell you something right now: none of them are as good as this game. Here are some things I love about this game and this game only:
    1. Graphics-while they may not be as stunning as some other games out there, the graphics are still good, no doubt about that. In fact, some of the better graphic engines are not as well-done as this one. In this game, everything looks perfect, nothing looks ugly or out-of-place. The water, especially, is beautiful, simply beautiful. The land is pretty too, and the machines are amazingly realistic. Having such a good graphics engine makes you want to play the game, I didn't even want to leave to type this review!
    2. Gameplay-unlike all the other farming games I've played, this is actually interesting. A lot of farming games are extremely boring, and make you want to throw them out the window. But this game, however, is engaging, even if you have no farming experience. There are plenty of vehicles and implements for them (cultivators, ploughs, seeders, trailers, bailers, etc.) that you can be overwhelmed at first. The only thing that is lacking is animal selection; you can only have cows. But I don't mind, maybe in the future they will be added. The crops grow quickly, so no longer do you have to wait for an eternity for them to grow. Some parts may be a little less realistic, but they do make the game more fun to play. And really, all in all, the game is very realistic.
    3. The map-the island that you are placed in is yours to farm. You are free to use any of the fields for farming, and they come in different sizes. There are tiny ones, and some HUGE ones. I personally like the middle sized ones. But whatever you want, you can do in this game. You can even divide up the big fields, it's all up to you. There are a lot of places in the map, just look at the manual. There is a hay maze, which is fun to try to navigate around! There are beaches and a church and a mountain ruin. There is a water tower, a train bridge, a chapel, a waterfall, and even a chairlift. I really appreciate the ability to take a break from farming and go walking around somewhere. It's a lot of fun. The map is really highly detailed, there is even a small village where you can actually see pedestrians! And they are no lackluster pedestrians, they are the most realistic I've seen, and their houses are quite nice too. There are different places where one can deliver their harvest. Different crops, like barley, wheat, canola, and corn are available. You can bring them to the grain mill, biogas seaport, or the brewery. They all pay different prices, and just like in real life the price of different crops goes up and down all the time! You can easily look at how much they pay in your PDA, which gives you a mini-map, weather, and a lot of other useful info that is easy to figure out. The map is one of the best I've seen.
    4. The accessories-as I mentioned above, there are a lot of accessories(implements) at your disposal. They can be purchased in the farming shop. One useful accessory is the mobile fuel tank. With it, you can easily move your harvesting area. I'm saving up for a few machines, that way I can also harvest in the southern part of the island. There are small implements, HUGE ones, everything a farmer could dream of. There is the square baler, the round one. There are dozens of different types of trailers. Don't worry, each product has a description with it, so you won't get confused.
    5. The extra content-there is a difference between this and the regular Farming Simulator. In this game, the ability to have windmills and solar panels is available, as well as the ability to have beehives. With the beehives, all you have to do is place them somewhere, and they make money by themselves. No care is needed from you, so I suggest to save up and buy as many of these as you can, because I have over 20 and it has worked out well for me. The windmills are just for looks, and they are really expensive. But if you want them, now they are available. Some extra machines have been added as well.

    There is just so much to this game, it's not even funny. I love the freedom of this game, you're not restricted to any area. It really is a nice touch to have pedestrians in certain places, as well as cars traveling along the road. There are even boats, calmly cruising on the water. The game is so perfect too, no bugs or crashes. If that happens to you, it is your computer, not the game.

    So to anyone who is interested in farming, I recommend you try this game. Make sure you have a decent computer, because this game needs it! But the settings can easily be adjusted if you need to, and believe me the game still looks almost as good. This is the kind of game that will keep you interested and playing for hours upon hours, I know I have. Don't try other games, they are just a waste of money and time. And I, before this, wasn't even interested in farming, but this got me into it. So almost anyone who plays computer games should take a look at this, there is a free trial available. Just Google it, and it is easy to find. It was very useful for me, because it led me to buy the game, and in every way I am a happy customer.