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  • Corrine Griffin - Wow!!!!!!!This stuff is amazing!!!! I had 3 visible teeth pulled and needed a solution until I can be fitted for my partial (I was told it may be 3 months total.) I order this thinking that it probably wouldn't work. First of all, you have to stain the beads with tea or coffee to match your natural tooth color. After that, it takes a few times to get it right but when you do, you will be sooooo happy! You can't eat with them in but it is a wonderful cosmetic temporary fix!!!!! Saved me from many embarrassing moments!
  • A. Levanti - great tabThe best tablet ever! Great for work, for games, for apps, i can do everything without paying any extra money no even on apps! The ones I need are free, loving this!
  • Gregory Orozco "Willy Wonko" - A Masterpiece!!I was not much of a Pink Floyd until I listened to this record. A total work of art! The story is about a man who goes through so many problems in his life that messes him up little by little but slowly his mind starts to barricade his feelings and emotions within a wall that starts to drive the man insane. I would highly recomend this CD to others and also get it for your self. BUY IT!! Don't hesitate!