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  • GolfDude "Scott" - Impressed with these glasses!Received these glasses from Sainstore. They were bought as a trial pair to see if we liked them and if they worked sufficiently. I have not owned any others, so comparing them to OEM glasses, I cannot do. But let me tell you, i am impressed. These look similar to the Pannys, I would say function almost/equal to them. As you know, the big kicker - you can get two of these for the price of the OEM's. They fit pretty well and come with extra nosepieces. My two children, along with myself all wear glasses. We had no trouble wearing these over ours. It is what it is though, I would not want to wear any 3d glasses over a couple of hours, not even if Oakley made some. A couple technical notes. You do hold down the back button to turn on, and then the front button a second or so to sync with your tv. It might take 5 minutes of reading the instructions to figure this out. A very good tech note: my GT25 sits about 15 feet from my couch and i had no problems getting my glasses to sync and not lose signal. The tv does sit up almost at eye level, so maybe that helps. Anyways, nice glasses, especially for the money. I will be ordering more in the future.
  • - Good sense may yet prevailHaving suffered with either CD or UC for more or less twenty years I have been amazed that the medical establishment only looks at serious, expensive and debilitating drugs to alleviate symptoms. This book gives you a real alternative for taking control of your own health. Her credentials seem to preclude any trace of quackery which accompanies much alternative medicine. I have only just begun with the diet but am already feeling stronger and more hopeful about my health since I have become allergic to most standard drugs, a situation which may be common. This is a must read for anyone with IBD.
  • A3test - Brilliant and mysterious!Although I have not read the book in it's entirety I have read enough blurbs to conclude that I would gain so much if I had the opportunity to read the whole book. I am so discouraged, however, by how difficult it has been to find this book for a decent price. The knowledge this book holds should be available to everyone for FREE. LIFE SAVING! I always thought I was alone in my issue of, what I know now is called "Huge Ship Avoidance Syndrome" or HSAS. Years of therapy and the knowledge of this book's existence have finally shown me that I am not the only one that is afraid of a ship run in and this whole book is dedicated to my issue. I have read "How to Avoid Small ships" and "How to Avoid Medium Sized Ships" but to no avail. This book holds the key to my "Huge Ship Avoidance". I need a copy of this elusive masterpiece!
  • Teacher of Teachers - Liked it so much I bought stock in the companyYes, it's true: I've never been so impressed with a consumer gadget in my life. In fact, it changed my life, awakening an interest in urban gardening. Having proceeded to get up to my chin in hydroponics, I bought 5000 shares in Aerogrow (pretty cheap at its current price).

    I received my first Aerogarden (I have two) as a gift. The first thing I grew was lettuce. You don't know what you're missing until you've yanked fresh leaves off of living lettuce right on your kitchen counter to put in your sandwich! So simple, so fresh (no refrigeration!). Anyone who buys lettuce regularly should consider replacing that habit with this, the 7-pod Aerogarden.

    The complaints that interest me the most are those regarding the cost of seed kits, the failure of supplied seeds to germinate, or the failure of plants to grow adequately. Currently I have one Aerogarden going. The only Aerogarden-supplied plant in there is a cherry tomato. The others I supplied myself: three pods are growing miniature Mexican sour gherkins (a sort of miniature cucumber) and another is growing purple tomatillos. The remaining two pods I am using for experiments. I asked myself, could I germinate fruit trees in my Aerogarden? The answer is yes. An apple seed (simply from a grocery store apple) is now a four-inch "tree", and an orange seed is just starting to get going. I have also grown small varieties of eggplant and sweet peppers to (delicious!) maturity. So, I recommend that you acquire your own seeds rather than rely on the Aerogarden seed kits. (Do consider whether a given plant will fit the dimensions of the Aerogarden. I started an okra plant in it and it did too well, too fast--for one thing, I didn't know that okra leaves are gigantic!) In fact, I think the company should give up on the seed kits and just concentrate on selling the basic things you need to plant your own seeds (like the sponges). They do already offer these items, by the way.

    The Aerogarden is not a Ronco-like novelty item. It is simply hydroponics made simple. There is currently, to my knowledge, no other all-in-one hydroponics setup available. The closest competitor was the Prepara Power Plant, now no longer manufactured.

    If you were to put together a similar set-up yourself (which you can do, as the construction is easy to understand), you would find that your $100 would not buy much more than a proper lighting fixture and light bulbs. Incidentally, the light has a marvelous daylight quality which I find brightens the mood of the room. This might be a consideration for you if you live far north (esp. in Seattle, I would think!).

    I haven't noticed any reviews that mention placing an Aerogarden in an office. While the 3-pod and 6-pod models might be slightly too noise for that setting (they operate on a different principle), the 7-pod model is whisper quiet and would, I think, be just as welcome in an office or lobby as an aquarium.