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  • MRS "MermaidsScalesLtd" - Worth every cent and more. Congrats to the author. You're amazing!

    I am an everyday average person. I love to read and really appreciate thoughtful, well planned storytelling with an intelligence factor required. This started off slowly. I persevered. It rewarded me in so many ways. What an exclusive, amazing story. And the writer is going to be such a big name!!! I won't even attempt to describe the story-where's the fun in that? Read it for yourself. Push past the beginning. It's a little confusing and slow, but as things begin to happen, you won't be able to turn pages fast enough.

  • L. Denktas "Mom of two" - LOVED!! This book!

    Well illustrated. Easy to understand and down to the point. This is not a doctor manual, but in an emergency I would love to have this book with me. It tells what to look for and how to help people in a limited medical help situation. It has 338 pages of what you might encounter and what to do if a medical crisis happens. It also has a use and dosage of medicine area, green pages 229-398. Additional info and charts from pages 399-455. It is a great book, I would recommend it for every family. Good to know what to do just incase of a disaster, medical trama, etc.