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  • Jherek Silber - Never Wet is what it claims to be

    This works as expected. I imagine in certain applications it will wear off fairly quickly, and it is somewhat visible after applied. I bought Rust Oleum as a gift for my father and he loves it. He just applied it to an old pair of tennis shoes and after using them in the rain a few times, they still stay completely dry. This is a cool product with many uses.

  • bar - Just try it

    I tried all the supposed prescription strength formulas on the market, and never had any success. Sweatblock does exactly what it promises. I've always had a particular problem with silk shirts or dresses, and would have my elbows glued to my sides mid-way through the day. Now there is NO sweat. At ALL. The ENTIRE day and night. I think today is Day 9 after my last application. Do read the instructions and apply it correctly. It does sting a bit, so if you shave, I recommend waiting a day or two before applying.

  • Andrew Butt, Esquire - 5th best Pink Floyd album.

    I'll never figure out how some people hate this album. Sure, it's not "The Final Cut" or "The Wall", but it's still an excellent make-up for the weaker Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    In my opinion, the best Floyd albums are:
    1- The Final Cut (1983)
    2- The Wall (1979)
    3- Dark Side of The Moon (1973)
    4- Animals (1977)
    5- The Division Bell (1994)

    The best songs on The Division Bell are "Poles Apart", "Wearing
    The Inside Out", "Marooned", "Coming Back to Life", and "High Hopes"

  • Dawn Dowdle "Mystery reviewer" - Great virus protection

    We tried Norton for years but the newer versions slowed down our computers something terrible. Really like this new version of McAfee. It runs in the middle of the night and never causes any problems. It has a lot of extra protections as well. I mostly use it for anti-virus and it works fabulously for that. This is my second year using a McAfee product. Won't go back!

  • W. Mann - Excellent choice for serious but amateur designer

    Choose this product--in any of its versions--over the Punch Software "Home Design" sold through office supply and home improvement stores.

    I've tried both and there is no comparison. The Home Designer Suite (2012 or 2013 version) will save you time and money and give you a reasonable, usable set of drawings.

    I haven't tried the (inexpensive) HGTV product that is also sold at Staples and Office Max, but it doesn't appear to have enough features to actually draw a preliminary set of plans.

    The Home Designer Suite software runs quite well and includes all the features you need. 2D and 3D views are both supported.

    Online help includes a chat board with answers to many of your questions already provided. The learning curve is not too long, and you can at least be encouraged that your software is working correctly as you learn--unlike the Punch product.

    Amazon's price for Home Designer Suite is lower than the manufacturer's suggested price.