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  • Glenn Sakamoto - An amazing book!Marty Neumeier does it again! Like The Brand Gap, ZAG is destined to change the way we think about brands and their development. With an efficient, breezy style (and an eye for design), Neumeier offers a real gift to the world of business, marketing, and design. Buy this book. Read it. Live it. Your brand strategy (and your life) will never be the same.
  • - Simply the best layman's medical guide, period.This book should be in every home. It was especially designed for people in rural areas without access to a doctor but the medical information is applicable anywhere. The way the information is presented - it is written to be easily understood by anyone and you don't need a medical degree to do so - is impressive. The wealth of information here on a large number of topics, from symptoms to treatment to possible drug side-effects, is also impressive. While most laymans' medical manuals deliberately withhold information and tell you to "see a doctor" for certain things, this book does not. As such it should be extremely valuable for emergencies. It is no substitute for a doctor but is indespensible for those situations where no doctor is available.
  • F. Sandner "WellLady07" - Answer to prayerI have had Ulcerative Colitis since May 2011, and have gotten progressively worse since then. April 2012 I almost died because of malnourishment. My friend told me about this book and when I read the first testimony/review, I didn't hesitate, I ordered it immediately! I've been on the diet for three weeks and since then I've noticed an increase in energy, and best if all a happier colon! While I'm on this diet I'm praying for healing and healthier eating habits. I would recommend this fantastic book to anyone who has/ or knows anybody with any of the diseases listed on the cover of this book.
  • Amelia Gremelspacher - "Who's going to love me?" "Someone . Someone will."Marie knows this need is the still center of her life. On the night of her first broken heart, her brother Gabe takes her for a walk as they consider the future of their young lives. Behind them lie scattering a of tragedy and sudden death. Gabe has become a priest, but now finds himself not meant for that path. It is a hot night, and the siblings seem to melt into the city and the other people seeking a breath of air. . Daily details raised to consciousness weave a story of life itself. Marie comes to feel it is , "the ordinary days were a veil, a swath of thin cloth that distorted the eye. Brushed aside, all that was brittle and terrible and in hanging was made clear." Yet in her home in her neighborhood, the rituals of girls teasing boys, boys acting gruff, and children growing to adults weave a potent cloth of daily life.

    Alice McDermott makes a lovely case for God counting the hairs on your head and holding your worth above many sparrows." Tragedies and all, this book is a long bath or a quiet psalm to daily life. Marie is your best friend from grade school with whom you puzzled the secrets of growing up. She can be petty, she can be vindictive. Forced to make soda bread the first time, she quadruples the baking soda. Marie misreads much of the adult world, but skewers an errant truth with great skill. As an adult, she ripens into a caring person in her own right; she is someone's "someone". Marie wants "someone". Because we all do want someone nice, her days are precious to share.